Human eyes can’t really view beyond the frequency of 60Hz. But still 144Hz monitors are so popular. You can hardly find a hardcore gamer who doesn’t own a 144Hz monitor. There are some really great 144Hz monitors in the market. But are these really better than the normal monitors? Are they worth the price you spend on them? Do they really offer a better viewing experience?

If you are a causal gamer or if you are looking for a monitor for your normal computer requirements then a 60Hz monitor would be sufficient. But for bigger games with better graphics, you really can sink into the great graphics only if you have a great 144Hz monitor. To understand the efficiency of a 144Hz monitor you really should own one.

So what is a 144Hz monitor? The Hertz measurement attribute attached with a monitor is the refresh rate of the monitor. This means that a 144Hz monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz. When we talk about 144Hz monitors, these are definitely not the ones that come with the highest display rates. There are 165Hz monitors as well as 200Hz monitors in the market for expert gamers.

If a game offers you more than 60 frames per second, then a 60Hz monitor would not be the best choice. You would need something with a higher refresh rate. So normal monitor would only display half the frames due to the limited refresh rate and a 144Hz monitor would be able to display all of them.

However, when you get a 14Hz monitor or something with higher refresh rates, also see that the monitor comes with a good sync-technology to be compatible with your current setup. A great monitor with impressive graphics and a 144Hz or higher refresh rates would be totally worth the price you spend in case you are using it mainly for playing high end games.

It does not matter what it is called. This centrefeed blue role just cannot be ignored. They are practical in nature and seen are literally everywhere around the place. These little rolls of tissue are found useful in most places – restaurants, cafes domestic kitchens and mechanic stores.

A centrefeed blue roll is ideal for all purposes. If there is cleaning to be done, the tissue roll can be used. Many food preparation areas especially prefer this item. They are extremely absorbent in nature and can be used to clear spillages. This is the one cleaning appliance that one can never have enough of. This roll can also be just to dry hands after a wash. They sure are handy to have around at all times.

The blue centrefeed rolls is user-friendly as well. They can be used independently or can be attached to the hanger to be used from. Either way, it works like a charm and can be accessed in times of emergency.

When there is a spill, there is usually not enough time to sit and worry about nicely cut pieces of tissue. With the centrefeed blue roll and its easy accessibility, the tissue paper can be yanked off instantly and the mess can be handled without making it worse.

These rolls can be a standalone cleanup agent that is the perfect for the sudden disaster that you never saw coming. It is quite normal to drop and spill. After the mess has been created, it is important to ensure that it is not made worse. With a centrefeed blue roll in an accessible place at all times, no mess is too messy to clean up instantly.

Keep one at all times and keep the place nice and shiny. There is no such thing as a wasted centrefeed blue roll.


Enjoy your aroma-fresh, nutrient-rich sous vide preparation combined with the convenience of technology. This sous vide cooker comes with the addition of Bluetooth (4.0) along with the supreme quality sous vide cooking essentials. The product can be the real answer to how you can utilize your precious time instead of sweating out in the kitchen.

The technical features

The most important advancement is, of course, the ability to be remote-controlled, from anywhere within 100m inside the house or even from your kitchen-side garden. The cooker comes with an inherent application for Bluetooth and all you need is to connect the sensor with the Bluetooth device, maybe your phone or laptop.

The cooker has a built-in timer and an external indicator which automatically test and adjust the temperature. Once the set temperature is met, the device measures the cooked food temperature from edge to edge. Once the food gets cooked evenly, the sensor automatically gives out the signal and controls the temperature to prevent over-cooking. The final result is a perfectly cooked food with restaurant style taste and texture.

Quick facts

* Double mode operation: as a Bluetooth enabled or as a stand-alone device.

* Temperature control with a precision of 0.02°C.

* Full stainless steel, water-resistant, easy to clean body.

* Compatible with and easily attachable to any type of medium-sized cooking vessels.

* Can cook any type of food, ranging from vegetables, fish, meat and even desserts.

* Easily programmable and enables settings to be saved for each type of food.

* After- sales support and servicing along with a 0ne year guarantee.

Very reasonably priced at $130, this is the best sous vide cooker for all those ‘aspiring domestic chefs’. Not as a cooker, but as a gizmo to enhance your cooking prowess, this sous vide cooker can be the next pick for your kitchen.

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