Kindergarten in today’s world

These days the classroom is different than it once was for us growing up and the childhood memories seem blurry when comparing with our children’s daily affair. Today’s classrooms are focused around achievement and success, focusing on goals, skills and getting them to become independent from the very beginning.

There are a wide variety of kindergarten programmes and all aim to help develop children regardless of background, colour, race, culture, ability or any impairments or disability. Teachers aim to use appropriate guidelines and teaching methods to assist the correct practices to ensure that the children get an appropriate level of learning. They are usually enthusiastic and focused around a balanced curriculum, which consist of math, arts, sciences, physical education and activities of participation.

Parent preparation for Kindergarten

This is always a challenging period and the excitement around entering kindergarten can be stressful and anxious. Therefore, planning and organizing is always important to increase a sense of control, which ultimately the child will feel relaxed because you are about it also. Here are some of the ways you can get ready for kindergarten:

  • Find out if you can get involved in committees and PTA for your child’s classroom.
  • Get ahead for immunization and screenings, so no sudden appointments set things off at home, just ask the child’s pediatrician and put dates into diaries.
  • Meet the child’s teacher and staff, shares ideas and some thoughts.
  • Find out about what the first few months program and get ahead of the schedule

Child preparation for Kindergarten

Many children struggle at first with the transition from home life to kindergarten and there are some parenting things a parent can do as preparation leading up to it. The children usually struggle with a change of routines, new kids and a new teacher other than mom. However, having a successful attitude towards kindergarten will give them a great start to school and learning in general. Here are some highlights for getting your child ready for kindergarten:

  • Talk and discuss routines and how there might be some changes
  • Talk to the child and reassure them how everything is fine
  • Read to them books and get them thinking kindergarten
  • Be excited and enthusiastic about the change coming, it’ll make them excited too
  • Get an early visit in so your child is familiar already
  • Explain what kindergarten is and what kind of activities he/she will be doing