Want To Fry A Turkey Without Using Oil? This Is All You Need To Know

Yes, you read it right. Turkey can be prepared without using a single drop of oil. I was equally shocked after hearing this, but soon realised that this is actually possible. It is totally feasible to get the same deep-fried flavour of the turkey without frying it in oil. Want to know how? Well, here are some of the successful fryers that one can use to cook a perfect turkey with or without using vegetable or any other kind of cooking oil.

Electric oil fryers

Most of the backyard cooks generally use this kind of fryer, provided they have an electric point nearby. The cooking time taken by this fryer is way less than other fryers. However, one disadvantage of fryers is the size. They are not too big to cook turkey for a big family in one go.

Propane oil fryers

For being comparatively portable than the electric ones, the propane oil fryers are mostly used during camps, picnics and other outings. They are bigger in size and can surely cater to a big family on a special occasion.

Infrared no-oil fryers

These types of cookers are propane-powered and are use the circulating and infrared heat to prepare the turkey. These fryers can easily cook a turkey weighing around 16 pounds with amazing results.

Since I prefer to fry turkey without oil, I ensure to cook my bird using the infrared no-oil fryer. I prepare the filling and seasoning using the traditional ingredients such as rosemary, lemon, virgin olive oil, sage, thyme, and more and place it in the fryer for around 3 hours. Once the delicacy is ready, one can hardly feel any difference between a deep-fried and non-friend turkey as the skin of this turkey is as crispy as any other turkey cooked using oil.

The best part about cooking a turkey without oil is that you will surely spare yourself from taking in a lot of extra calories. So, try it different this time and prepare turkey that is less oily and still delicious.…

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Choosing The Right LV Bag

So if you have an existing collection of LV bags or are planning on picking your very first one, the excitement almost always is the same. Nothing speaks class louder than a stylish LV bag.

Not only does it help store all your essentials as you step out, the fact that you own an LV bag adds to your confidence and makes a statement. While choosing the right LV bag, we all know that this is one brand that makes you spoilt for choices.

You would never want to end up with an LV and is great but not perfect for your needs. You can check out these fabulous LV bags here, that might help you make your choice.

We have for you here some of the favorite LV totes that are a perfect blend of style and utility.

The Neverfull

This is a bestseller that is in vogue all year round. It has a huge fan following and users swear by it. Available in three sizes namely Small (S), Medium (M) and large (L).

As the name suggests, it can never really be full. With a convenient make that allows throwing anything and everything in it a breeze. One does not need to worry about zippers as it comes with a “lobster claw clasp”.

It can be cinched to change shape. One can carry it on shoulder or arm.

The Artsy

This is a single strap bag that is perfect to be carried on the arm. It can also be used on the shoulder. It does not have a cover or a lock but comes with a detachable tethered ring along with a lobster claw clasp.

The Totally

This one is also just about as popular as the Neverfull. The difference being the zipper lock that comes on the Totally. The ones who are a bit apprehensive and prefer a zippered bag, this one is for you.


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Vests for The Man’s Best Friend – A Necessity or a Fancy?

Clothes and vests are not human requirements alone. Investing in a good vest for your 4-legged companion is not a bad idea at all! A vest for the canine mammal ensures its well-being, safety, and protection in many circumstances. As a dog parent, trainer, and caretaker, you need to ensure overall care for your pet and what better way to start than having a knowledge of the most suitable vests for man’s best 4-legged friend.

Vests for mutts have the following uses.

  • They are necessary for safeguarding your pet.
  • Covering with a vest is probably one way of soothing mutts which require emotional support.
  • When your little tyke is being trained for therapy and on special duty physical assistance, a properly-themed vest will probably be his/her most distinguishing feature as a therapy dog.
  • If it’s a creature with physical disabilities a vest is always handy to signal alert to others about the specific condition.

The different types of vests:

Vests for our four-legged friends come in various sizes, styles, and designs. They may be designed specifically and have a common colour to denote a specific purpose. These vests come with a harness which maybe lightweight or heavy and commonly made of leather. We have a lot of options in this segment. And we specially cater to service dogs, emotionally vulnerable pets, and therapy canine mammals.

The service dogs need to be well-trained because they are used in situations which are away from the ordinary like walking a blind person or dog to places, retrieve difficult-to-access items for the disabled, and so on. A service dog vest in many cases helps avoid unwarranted questions, alerts the others around and generally avoids distraction from the relevant cause. This service vest for dogs that we have conforms to all the norms and regulations required in pet safety. It is a very comfortable option to have around.


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