You would not be setting up your home studio all over again every now and then. So even if you are a newbie there are some absolute essentials that you cannot skip when you set up your home studio. Here is a cumulative list of those essentials:

  1. DAW:

The digital audio workstation is your digital version of the audio processing platform. They are close to the mixing boards of the past. They are also known to closely resemble their efficiencies as well.

  1. Mic:

Besides investing on the best headphones you also need a good clear voice recording microphone to make sure that minor ambient noise is filtered while recording. Even before we knew the concept of recording studios microphones have been in existence. They have changed a lot over the recent years but they also still remain the same in a lot of ways.

  1. Audio interfaces:

These would simply act as the connecting link between your various instruments and input and output devices and your computer. So your whole unit cannot function without these at the heart of the whole system.

  1. MIDI controller:

A lot of people still feel that these are far better than the USB controllers. These interfaces are not preferred over the USB without a reason. They make the whole deal closer to the conventional approach. We now have the option to add adapters and connectors to use these even with the sophisticated digital equipment or even when you are using your smartphone as a music studio.

  1. The right cables:

Besides looking for the port compatibility, looking at the quality of the cable is another requisite. Also invest in cables of the right length. You do not want shorter ones causing your instruments to fall off or longer ones to tangle and make the whole scene messy.

There are several more essentials to add depending on the type of studio you are setting up. But these are the basic ones to start with.…