When you are looking to buy an amp for your guitar, you just cannot buy the first thing you see as you find it comfortable. Any amp will be good to play when you first feel it, but you need to be a little futuristic and see how it will work for you in the long run. There are few reviews from marshall jvm410h which reinforces certain facts about amp you could consider –

Digital, tube or solid state

It is really a personal choice whether to go for digital, solid state or even tube. What a guitar fanatic will choose entirely depends on how he hears each of them. There are some players who like to stick to standard and go for tube. There are others who think maintaining digital is easier and go for that. You could hear each tone and make the best decision.

Check compatibility with your Guitar!

When you are buying an amp, it is important to carry your guitar and check how it works on your instrument. Not all amps work similarly on all instruments. How one might work in something could go entirely tone less in yours. When you check with a store guitar, it might seem brighter, but it could be whole different case with your guitar!

Check Size

Always invest in an amp considering where you will be using it. If you are more of a person recording at a home, a 100W will be overkill. At the same time 10W will never be sufficient if you are playing in a band for a group of people. A 30W stack will be suitable for most occasions in group playing and if you are playing quite often then you need a minimum 15w or otherwise it could just be bland!…