Today, you are stumped with information:

I realized this thing today when I was watching my favorite soap on the tube and it is this, for every twenty minutes of back to back scenes from my favorite show, there has been an equal amount of time spent in advertisements. And I always wondered that one show which runs for approximately twenty minutes makes me sit through a grueling hour only to see the same adverts being repeated over and over again!

And so I did this exercise:

I sat down with a paper and a pencil and I started noting down the products that were being repeatedly advertised and guess what, skin care products beat the rest!

Not only were they the most advertised but all of them had a celebrity endorsing them with flashy lights and flawless skins and each one of them was only better than the other. This set me thinking which is the best skin care product around?

My quest led me to read more about it:

Apparently, experts reveal that one should never fall for the brand name or the celebrity that is endorsing them because it makes only business sense and nothing more. The right skin product is a very subjective thing. Skin care products either suit you or they don’t. There is no formula ever made that is suitable for everyone. It needs to be tailor-made for every skin type.

The best thing to do:

A good consultation with our dermatologist is definitely the right thing to do. He will analyze your skin and tell you exactly what ingredients in the skin care product are going to suit you. So there you are, you need to shop for your skin care products looking at their labels of ingredients and not at the brand or the person endorsing it, clear?!