Anyone who loves watches would have definitely dreamt of owning a Rolex watch some day. Although it is a very expensive luxury brand but then it is absolutely class apart from other watch brands. If you have a tight budget then you can even go for a pre-owned Rolex watch as well. There are many websites which sell such watches. In fact, last year I bought my husband a pre-owned Rolex here from a shopping site and it still looks new.

Well, there are many reasons which make Rolex watches so timeless.

  • Rolex watches are made from a type of steel that none of the other brands use. And this steel makes it look better although it is expensive and difficult to machine. Actually, stainless steels are available in various grades and types. Usually, Rolex watches are made from 904L steel whereas other watches are made from 316L. 904L is way more corrosion and rust resistant and also is harder than rest of the steels. And the best part about 904 steel is that it can be polished very well.
  • Rolex watches are all hand assembled although machines are used in the process. In fact, its watch making machinery is the most sophisticated one in the whole world.
  • Robots are used for filing, sorting, cataloging and other delicate processes which can be handled well by a machine which are operated by humans. Rest everything is assembled by hand.
  • The gold which is used by Rolex is made by them. While the steel is provided by some of the suppliers, all the platinum and gold are made in-house. The 24k gold is turned into 18k white, yellow or Rolex’s everose gold.
  • Rolex watches are made with the help of the latest technology. Robotics play a vital role in the manufacturing of these watches.