Dogs are a man’s best friend. They have proved time and again right through the ages that anyone who takes care of a dog, it would give its life for that person. They do not have any bad feelings like humans they don’t generally carry a grudge or bad feelings. Besides all of this, they are just so cute and lovely. The way they show their affection is unparalleled in this world.

The above points are some of the reasons why I insisted my dad get me a dog and my dad obliged on my next birthday. My life has changed for the better ever since. Whenever I return from school, whatever be the problems or issues I had I forget everything, every problem just vanishes on seeing him. He just shows so much happiness and loves when I come back from school it’s just amazing feeling.

I wanted to make his stay comfortable and discussed with my dad. We decided that first, we should get him a dog basket. For this, we searched on the internet and did some research with some local stores. My dad got me a hondenmand for my dog here.

The hondenmand was just amazing and he just loved it. It is very comfortable for him, it is durable and is of high quality. They did not cost a lot as well. He just made it his own space and sleeps there nice and comfortable. It also helps him in not sleeping anywhere else which is good.

Sleeping on any surface is not good for dogs and it can damage their health and a bed would be a clean, nice and cozy place for my friend. Thus, I would advise that anyone who has a dog or plans to have a dog must buy a Dog bed.