Parkour is a great activity if you want to increase body strength or develop agility. But usually, parkour involves a lot of complex motions which can be risky if you do not wear proper shoes that can protect you from injuries.

Here are the top five shoes which are efficient for such activities.

  • First one is the Puma Narita V2 which is great for free running as its sock liner, heel and outsole is very advanced. This is perfect for high intensity activities and at the same time these shoes are very comfortable and breathable.
  • The best shoe for grip and style I ever seen is Nike Flex Rn 2016. It has all the features that you look for in a pair of parkour shoes. It optimizes jump and gait due to the flexibility provided by its outsole. It is very durable and the heels of the shoes have rubber technology.
  • Vibram KSO EVO is a five fingered shoe which has a man-made outsole that allows free running at any terrain. It has a comfortable fit through any exercise because of a good padding. Its price is a bit high but as cross trainer shoes it is way cheaper than the other cross trainer shoes.
  • Minimus 20v5 Trainer shoes can be used for free running as well as training which makes them versatile. It is also very comfortable to wear and is very long lasting.
  • Evolv Cruzer Approach has a trail running design due to which you can have a compact parkour experience. This shoe has been designed using very innovative technology and at the same time it offers a lot of stability and durability. It has great capacity of shock absorption due to the midsole technology used. Also, it is great for climbing because of its textured outsole. You can easily run on the road as well as off the road due to its trail running design.