When you are a parent, there is never enough gadgets to help your journey or enough information to make it easier. One has to go through the grind, every single time, before the child can grow up a little.

Though one cannot make parenting a breeze, there are manufacturers around the world, trying to make it as simple as possible, one step at a time. There are a number of tools one can use on a regular basis, to make parenting easier and less stressful.

Here are some such tools you can use and benefit from:


Just put your baby in it and watch them enjoy the bouncing action and fall asleep (finally). These bouncers come with a variety of options today. Apart from just bouncing on spring action, when you shake it, there are battery operated models too. These have different speed settings too. You can choose the one closest to the one you use or your baby is used to. Now you can move away from the bouncer and carry on with your work.

There are bouncers that can double up as a swing too and some even have audio facility. The audio versions feature a rhythmic heart beat that aims to make the baby believe it is close to the mother. Babies sleep better when they hear their mother’s heart beat as they are used to it in the womb.

One should always check reviews before they go ahead and buy one of these bouncers. I like these baby bouncer reviews as they focus on every aspect and a firsthand review is always more useful than that of the company’s.

Potty Chair

When your child is old enough to potty train, you cannot be lifting them uo and holding them on a regular toilet. The potty chairs are smaller version of the regular toilets and are accessible by the children themselves. This enables and teaches them to go to the toilet on their own when they need to, instead of depending on an adult to carry them.