Going organic:

This seems to be the buzz word rigt now. Everyone around the woerld is talking about how they like to grow their own food in their own backyard and also shop from markets and bazaars where the foodis grown by people in their own backyards. There are stories doing the rounds on internet all day about people who have been successful in not only growing enough food for themselves abut also ending up having enough yield to be able to marketthem an ern their livelihood.

So, what exactly is the connection between the two?

Families growing anf eating their own food means that they believe in organically grown food for their own consumption. Such people generally have a landfall harvest and are able to sell a lot of their produce at the local market. This kind of food is highly in demand since it is obious that commercially produced food is laden with pesticides and chemical fertilizers that help increase the yield and make them resistant to insects, germs and rot.

The root casue of cancer:

Fertilizers and chemical pesticides that the commercial farmers spray on the crops unfortunately stays on the foods so grown and enters the food chain of man. These chemicals then get accumulated in his organs and slowly but surely results in terrible terminal diseases such as cancers. This is precisely the reason why people nowadays are extremely fussy about the way teir food is grown and they rather buy chemical free food that is slightly costlier than buy cheap food that poses health risks.

Growing plants in the back yard helps bond the family too:

If you thought that there is only that much of benefits, think again. my family bonds very well doing up the backyard garden with my children helping me to sow, weed and harvest the produce. One of them even helps me take the extra produce to the market where we pocket a sizeable amount tof money for the hardwork that we put in. but we absolutely love the camaraderie that it generates!