10 original wedding invitations
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10 original wedding invitations
Ah, wedding preparations! Exciting or nerve-wracking, depending on how far into the process one has gone. But choosing your invitation should definitely be the fun part!

After all, it's the first glimpse your guests will get of what kind of magical day you're planning. Forget the stock-standard invites and look no further than our article! We've got some truly whimsical and unique ideas for your wedding stationery, to match the fairy-tale romance of your big day.

From unconventional materials to themed designs, you're sure to find something that represents you as a couple.

The wedding world has captured a new trend - calligraphy. Amazing fonts, cotton paper of delicate shades and handmade work captivate at first sight! After seeing this, you can no longer imagine that your invitations could look different. What if you can?

What if you want original wedding invitations? Our selection of 10 unusual wedding invitations will help you:

Genuine leather invitation Illustrated invitation with wedding story and event  card Another card - this time for a wedding abroad. MASSIVE Invitation Haul: Unboxing and Honest Review of MOST POPULAR Invitation Websites

And also an invitation and a suitcase that you want to fall in love with. An illustrated invitation on a kitchen towel. With such an invitation, you solve 2 problems at once: how to be original and what to give guests at the wedding, because every home needs a kitchen towel Wedding invitations on luxurious handkerchiefs As a child, did you like to dry particles of summer between the pages of books?

Then this dried flower invitation might be the idea for you. book cover invitation Newspaper invitation with information about you and your wedding Recipe for love For those who want a fabulous wedding - a wedding invitation in the form of a book with fairy tales

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