10 ways to decorate a wedding car with your own hands
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10 ways to decorate a wedding car with your own hands

Wedding season is here, which means it's time to get creative and make your special day even more special! And what better way to do that than by decorating your ride to the ceremony in style? But before you start panicking about how to make your car look Pinterest-worthy, fear not! We've got you covered with 10 modern, DIY ways to decorate your car for your big day - from fresh flowers to paper pompoms, and everything in between.

So buckle up, lovebirds, and get ready to make your car the envy of all the other wedding processions out there!


In our country, ribbons are traditionally used, pulling them over the hood, but you can do it differently. Tie ribbons to your side mirrors or trunk with artificial flowers.

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Surely you have seen Hollywood films where young people leave the wedding under the roar of tin cans dragging behind the car. Why not repeat, because this is an easy way to decorate a car for a wedding with your own hands. Only the jars should be clean and preferably of the same color scheme (you can also paint them).

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paper pompoms

Bright colored pom-poms tied to the car look cool!

And you can also choose those that fit the color scheme of the celebration.


flower arrangements

Decorate the car with fresh flowers, it always looks advantageous. If you have a budget, ask the florist to make a composition for the car of the young, then the car will become one of the places for a photo shoot. Make sure the flower designs are well attached and won't fall off while riding.


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The inscription on the glass

If you can draw or have good handwriting, you can decorate your wedding car with a beautiful inscription on the rear window. It's inexpensive, and yet looks unusual.


paper flags

A similar element of decor is common for children's parties, but the flags in the colors of the wedding will be an interesting decoration for the car. Ribbon wedding CAR decoration idea door flower how to make Ribbon flower �� car decoration idea

On etsy.com or livemaster.ru, you can find similar items in a variety of colors.

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Paper garlands

Similar to checkboxes in essence, but look different. We advise you to pay attention to such paper garlands if the budget is limited, but you still want to make your car festive.

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An unusual way to decorate a car for a wedding with your own hands is to install an installation of gift boxes on the roof. The help of a professional is optional, after training you will pack the “gifts” so that the result will not be distinguished from the work of a decorator.

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Young people often decorate the car for a wedding with balloons, but we want to offer an unusual way. Instead of hitching "clumps" of balloons to your car, choose large colorful balloons and let them stick out of the windows for attention.

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Unusual ways to decorate a car for a wedding with your own hands

Think about the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba celebration, maybe the options proposed above do not suit you, but can you come up with new ones? Just like these couples:

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