105 fresh gift ideas for wedding guests
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105 fresh gift ideas for wedding guests

Looking for the perfect wedding guest gift can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It can feel impossible! That's why we've got your back. We've scoured the internet, racked our brains, and put our creative hats on to come up with a whopping 105 gift ideas for you.

Yep, you read that right. So sit back, relax, and let us take the reins on this one. Your guests will be so impressed, they won't even notice the cash bar.

Summer wedding gifts

3. Seeds of your favorite flowers.

4. Mint or herbs in a pot - these can be taken home and used later.

5. A kite for those who believe in miracles.

6. A small bouquet of flowers similar to those used in the decoration of the wedding.

7. A hat will help protect you from the scorching sun.

8. A fan will come in handy for everyone if it gets too stuffy.

9. A small basket of berries for each guest.

Heather Beard

Gifts for an autumn wedding

10. A set of unusual spices for cooking. Everyone has salt and pepper, but saffron, cumin and turmeric are not found in every kitchen.

11. A set for making mulled wine (spices, wine and orange).

12. Maple syrup.

13. Freshly picked honey.

14. Apples in caramel.

15. Apple cider.

16. A small basket with a "harvest" - apples, pears, nuts.

17. A cute little pumpkin.

Winter wedding gift ideas

18. Fashionable thermal mug.

19. A set for making hot chocolate in a nice jar or test tube (google it, there are some).

20. Warm mittens.

21. Woolen socks.

22. Cozy and soft scarf.

23.Shortly before the New Year, it is ideal to give small Christmas trees that are placed at the workplace or at home if you don’t want to bother with the big ones.

24. Christmas decorations. The older generation will like retro toys like in the Soviet Union, they always evoke emotion. We checked!

25. Fabulous glass ball with snow and a figurine inside. If you suddenly find a master who will put inside a figurine of a couple similar to you and your fiance, everyone will be delighted.

26. Christmas gingerbread.

27. Flappers.

28. Box with sparklers.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

29. Fashionable fabric bag.

30. Reusable glass straw instead of plastic straws.

31. A book or online course on sustainable consumption (search the course "Now it's like this" in the search engine, it's cool and free).

32. Coconut shell dishes.

33. Homemade soap made from natural ingredients.

34. A cool thermos for coffee and tea, with which you can come to coffee shops.

DIY gift ideas for guests

35. Do-it-yourself utensils made in a pottery workshop.

36. A small collection of your couple's favorite cooking recipes.

37. Mini-newspaper with a story about young people and guests. Such a newspaper is good at a wedding, where not everyone is familiar - they will have more reasons to talk.

38. Homemade pie.

39. Homemade jam.

40. A picture painted by you.

Ayres Photo

Gifts for those who have everything

41. A small 3D figurine of each guest.

42. Personal portrait of the guest from the artist / illustrator.

43. Tickets for the performance. Take tickets for everyone for one performance, so that later part of the hall is occupied by your relatives and friends.

44. Name the stars by the names of the guests and present certificates confirming thi s.

45. Gift certificate to a farm cheese or wine store.

Delicious gift ideas for guests

46. ​​Good coffee (beans or ground).

47. Fashionable and healthy matcha tea.

48. A bottle of lemonade familiar from childhood (Duchess, Tarragon)

49. Craft beer.

50. A bottle of good wine.

51. Quality farm cheese.

52. Healthy vegetable or cereal chips.

53. Beautifully packaged dried fruit.

54. A set of traditional sweets in a bag or box similar to New Year's gifts for children. Choose popular sweets: "Little Red Riding Hood", "Mask", "Clumsy Bear", "Kara-Kum".

55. A box of delicious cookies.

56. Multi-colored pasta cakes.

Bia Sampaio

57. A bag of candied nuts.

58. Traditional lollipops - Petushki.

59. Fortune cookies. You can make them yourself, there are many lessons on the network on this topic.

60. Chocolate with unusual additives: rose petals, goji berries, lemon.

61. Handmade sweets.

Jessica Blex

62. Kinder Surprise.

63. Harry Potter's favorite candy is Bertie Bott's gummies. These and other sweets based on the film have long been sold in our country.

64. Chocolate frogs are perfect for a Harry Potter themed wedding.

65. A bottle of butterbeer so beloved by the heroes of the famous saga. In fact, this is a special lemonade, you can find it ready-made or cook it yourself.

66. Healthy granola for breakfast.

67. Glass bottle of olive oil.

68. Unique wedding gift ideas

Sea salt with herbs.

Gift ideas for wedding guests abroad

69. Name tag for luggage.

70. Local goodies.

71. Guide to the city, if it is assumed that the invitees will not leave immediately after the wedding.

72. Shells, if the wedding is at sea (first, be sure to check if they are not prohibited from being exported from the country).

73.A jar of sand from the sea beach as a keepsake (again, check the export rules).

74. Beach slippers (useful not only for a wedding abroad, but also for a hot summer wedding in nature).

75. Beach towel.

76. Compass - why not?


Gift Ideas for Kids

77. Coloring with pencils / felt-tip pens. It is better to choose felt-tip pens that can be washed off with water, so as not to wash tablecloths, guests' dresses and your wedding dress afterwards.

78. Colored crayons if the wedding is outdoors.

79. A set of sweets and cookies (ask parents in advance if everything is possible for a child).

80. Mini-constructor, cubes, and for some, rattles.

81. A picture book or simple fairy tales with large letters, so that very little ones can look at them, and older children can read them, giving their parents something to eat.

Gifts for all guests

82. Cozy blanket.

83. Spoon with the guest's name engraved on it.

84. Chopping board with the guest's monogram.

85. Simple board game (memory, jenga).

86. Nice mug for hot drinks.

Darling Juliet

87. A nice looking candle (preferably unscented as not everyone will like it).

88. Book (classics will be useful to everyone).

89. Cute retro alarm clock.

90. Soap bubbles.

91. Succulents in a pot or seasonal flowers (for example, you can give crocuses in spring, and pansies in summer).

The Swenglish Home

92. Soft towel with guest's initials.

93. Elegant handkerchief with initials. We are used to practical paper handkerchiefs, but it's still nice to own a handkerchief with your name on it.

94. T-shirt or sweatshirt with funny slogans or prints.

95. Temporary tattoos with the symbols of your wedding.

96. LEGO wedding themed set - let them have fun at their leisure.

97.A bag of grains for the birds to feed them on the way home from work.

98. Bath bomb.

99. Umbrella.

100. Quality bottle opener.

101. A good keychain is a trifle, but everyone needs it.

102. Flash drive or playlist with the songs of your celebration.

103. A fresh issue of a guest's favorite or rare magazine.

104. Budget wedding gift idea - write kind words to everyone on a card.

105. Don't give anything. That's also possible.

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