15 wedding gift ideas for parents from newlyweds
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15 wedding gift ideas for parents from newlyweds
Getting married is exciting and nervewracking enough, but the pressure to find the perfect gift for your parents can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of thoughtful ideas out there that will show your appreciation and love for all that your parents have done for you. From personalized keepsakes to heartfelt gestures we've rounded up the best gifts for parents at weddings.

So, take a deep breath and get ready to impress your mom and dad with these memorable and touching gift ideas!

What should be the gifts for parents at the wedding?

Let's make a reservation right away that the tradition of giving something to parents on the day of the marriage of children is a little outdated, therefore it is not mandatory. But if you still want to please dear people, keep in mind:

  • Gifts to the parents of the bride and groom should be equivalent. In addition, a situation is unacceptable when the parents of one side receive something, while the other does not. It's impolite and ugly.
  • Do not give gifts for show, do not give anything banal and useless. This is the case when either with a soul, or better than nothing.
  • Gifts should not be expensive, let them mean something to parents, evoking pleasant memories or being associated with family comfort.

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When to give memorable gifts to parents?

It is better to do this in the first part of the banquet, after congratulating the parents or toasting them. The closer to the end of the event, the less attention will be paid to the event.

Make sure that the gift is accompanied by the right atmosphere: draw the attention of the guests to what is happening so that they do not talk, ask the DJ to put on touching music. Wedding THANK YOU Gifts for Parents

If the time of day allows, you can dim the lighting.

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Wedding gift ideas for parents from newlyweds

  1. Wedding photos of the young couple or with each of their parents are taken in the morning, then someone goes to the salon to print pictures, and during the banquet you give them by inserting them into pre-purchased frames. You can give several photos, not limited to group ones - for example, take a photo of mom and the bride at the training camp, and dad while dancing with her.
  2. A touching or funny film specially made for this day or made up of photographs of young people in childhood and adolescence.
  3. Photobook with your childhood pictures.
  4. Real family tree. This gift will require a lot of preparation and collecting data about relatives, but it's worth it.
  5. Your children's drawings transferred to canvas to hang on the wall.
  6. A box or casket with wishes written on separate sheets of paper for parents or your bright and warm memories from childhood.
  7. A custom-made illustration of a family, event or place that is significant to them (for example, a beloved old house that they had to move away from).
  8. Calendar for the year with your joint photos - one for each month.
  9. Poems in honor of the parents, written by you (or by someone who knows how to do it, but heartfelt read by you).
  10. A bottle of good wine with an agreement to open it for a specific occasion (e.g. the birth of a child, your wedding anniversary, etc.)
  11. As an idea for a gift to parents at a wedding from the newlyweds, one can also name a beautiful service from which you will drink tea when you come to visit your relatives.
  12. Cozy items for the home of good quality - soft blankets, woolen blankets, engraved wooden cutting board, etc.
  13. A home tree that needs to be cared for and watered the way you would care for your new family.
  14. Joint trip.
  15. Commemorative collectible coins.

Whatever the gift, make it with soul, because these are your closest people!

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Top photo: Jordan Voth