17 flower wedding ideas
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17 flower wedding ideas

Weddings are like a bouquet of flowers - beautiful, vibrant, and worthy of being captured in every Instagram angle. And what better way to amplify the romantic vibes of a wedding than with flower decorations? Seriously, who needs diamonds when you have petals?

Whether you're a traditionalist or all for experimental flair, we've got you covered with 17 floral decor ideas that range from pretty guest tables to flower-studded ceilings. Get ready to bloom with inspiration, because we're about to take you on a floral frenzy!

flower ring

Huge ring-shaped designs have come into fashion recently, but have already won the hearts of hundreds of brides. This is the best idea for beautiful photos, although quite expensive.


Arch for exit registration

More and more couples are holding their wedding ceremony where they want, and not in the registry office - the arch will make this place more festive. The more flowers on the arch, the more expensive it is, but often florists use a mix of live and artificial plants. This approach reduces the cost of construction and solves the problem of seasonality, when some options are simply not available.



Path to the ceremony

Do you want to walk beautifully to the place of celebration? When thinking about decorating a wedding with flowers, decorate the path with petals or place flower arrangements along it.


background for photos

This is the case when you can do anything - from decorating a separate area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe site with plants to a whole wall of fresh flowers. It is only important that the result looks so chic that you would immediately want to take a picture with it. If you want beautiful, but the budget is not enough, there are a couple of secrets.

Firstly, choose a mix of fresh and artificial flowers, and secondly, use one design for two zones.For example, a flower wall from the photo session area can be moved behind the backs of the newlyweds during the banquet. We talk about this and other secrets of decorators in the article about saving on wedding decor.



romantic steps

If there is a staircase on the site, decorate it with garlands of fresh flowers. It looks luxurious and unusual, most of the guests have not seen this at other weddings.


chic ceiling

The latest trend in wedding decoration with flowers is hanging structures made of roses, hydrangeas, greenery and any plants you like. This is the best way to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale at a holiday, how often do you see the sky in the petals?



Tables and chairs

Even for traditional tables there is an unusual solution, for example, long flower garlands instead of vases. You can save a little by alternating tables with tall and lush compositions with more modest ones. To decorate chairs or not depends on your desire and financial capabilities.


A wedding cake

Decorating a wedding with flowers also affects the cake. It can be decorated with live or cream plants, completely covering the surface or placing accents.



holiday zone

The arch for registration, tables for guests and a photophone are some kind of “mandatory” elements of the celebration, but you can add some personality with something unexpected. How do you like a real swing braided with plants? Or a sweet zone immersed in roses?

Or even entire floral installations that tell stories that are meaningful to both of you?


morning of the bride

At this time, the most sensual photographs are taken, so how can you leave the bride without flowers? If possible, arrange a special area for a photo session, if not, put a few of your favorite flowers in a vase. Wedding Flowers 17

Remember that this is your time, let everything be done the way only you like it.



bride hairstyle

There is nothing more tender than flowers in the hair of the main character of this day. They can be small and large, they can decorate your hairstyle until the evening or just a few hours, but be sure to think about them when choosing a wedding look.


The bride's bouquet

Decorating a wedding with flowers would be incomplete without a wedding bouquet. Forget about neat round bouquets for a while - large compositions without a clear shape, chaotic in appearance and with twigs coming out are in fashion.



Bridesmaids bouquets

Perhaps you have a traditional bridesmaid or several bridesmaids - why not reward them with small bouquets to match the main wedding bouquet? The main thing to remember is that they complement yours, so they should be much more modest.


Groom's boutonniere

The boutonniere is the only flower accessory available to the groom, treat it carefully. Ask the florist to place the plants in a special container of water so that the boutonniere will look fresh all day long. Read more about the types of boutonnieres and their choice in a separate article.



Children at the wedding

If there are children at the party, give them small bouquets, wreaths or baskets with petals. Kids will be happy and proud of the attention given to them.


Petals in the design of a wedding with flowers

Flower petals are versatile and will decorate any celebration area. Scatter the petals on the floor in the bride's room, on the bride's table or in the photo shoot area. On the steps of the stairs, in the driveway...



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