6 alternatives to a sweet table for a wedding
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6 alternatives to a sweet table for a wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful enough without having to worry about the sweets table. But fear not, my sweets-averse friends! There are other scrumptious options available to satisfy your guests cravings.

From savory and delectable cheese tables to fun and casual snack tables, and even fast food tables, the possibilities are endless. Let's explore some unconventional but exciting ideas to jazz up your wedding reception! 

Snack table

The simplest is to set up a table with a few snacks for guests waiting for the bride and groom to come out. If your wedding is themed, then it is logical to collect dishes for the table that are most consistent with the style of the holiday. So, for a Spanish wedding, you should serve bruschetta, jamon and other traditional snacks.

Assorted cheeses, French wines and seafood are suitable for a Provence-style wedding. If the celebration is not limited to a specific topic, then there is even more freedom - fruits and vegetables, small sandwiches, cheeses, nuts and much more.

Cheese table

A rare guest does not like cheese, and if there are a lot of cheeses and they are accompanied by delicious additions, then such a table will be taken away instantly. Make sure to offer guests a choice of at least three types of cheese - hard, soft and blue. The range is limited only by your possibilities.

It would be nice to serve accompanying snacks - liquid honey, fruit jams, walnuts and almonds, grapes, three or four types of bread. Do not forget about the wine that goes well with the cheese – even lovers of strong drinks will appreciate this gesture.

fondue table

In recent years, fondue has declined in popularity, but for good reason - this dish is ideal for parties and weddings.Prepare several types of fondue with different cheeses and spices, served with vegetables, bread, crackers, meat and whatever your imagination can come up with.

Table with fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a suitable option for any guest. DESSERT TABLE IDEAS! (Backdrops, Recipes & Decor to SAVE Money!)

Choose seasonal fruits that you would like to eat yourself - of course, do not forget about the aesthetic component - the fruits must be ripe and fresh, without dark spots.

Table with "fast food"

An unobvious decision for a wedding, but it is interesting with its unexpectedness. This, of course, is not about traditional fast food, but about its healthy alternative. Burgers with whole grain buns, vegetable and grilled cheese appetizers, Asian spring rolls – there are many options.

Table with drinks

A table with drinks is a salvation for a wedding in any month! During the summer heat, it is worth putting lemonades, juices and water on the table, and in the cold season, warming drinks will come in handy. It is important not to forget to maintain the temperature of drinks.

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