7 top tips for a rainy wedding
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7 top tips for a rainy wedding

Weddings are usually associated with blue skies, sunshine, and picturesque backdrops. But what do you do when rain clouds decide to crash the party? Don't fret, dear reader, because we've got you covered! In this article, we'll be sharing some expert tips on how to deal with playing a wedding in the rain.

So grab your umbrella and let's get started!

1. Think of a plan B

Imagine that it will rain all day - what will you adjust? Don't go for a walk or cut it short? How will you do your photo session? Where do you hide in case of rain? Ask the restaurant how much earlier than planned you can arrive in case of bad weather.

Some snacks will certainly be ready before the official banquet, the guests will not go hungry.

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2. Dress for the weather

Most of all, rain can annoy a wedding dress - a hem that is dirty and heavy from moisture will not decorate even Miss Universe. Have a fallback or choose an outfit that will be less affected by the weather. In this case, you will have to say no to a fluffy skirt and a long train, preferring light fabrics or even a short dress. 

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Shoes will suffer just as much, so decide whether you will bring spare shoes or wear boots. Yes, rubber boots can look cool:


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3. Adjust your hair and makeup

Inclement weather means high humidity, so avoid straightened hair - it will start to frizz. If you, on the contrary, want romantic curls, consult a stylist. Some hair does not hold a perm well, and in the rain it will completely disappear.The best hairstyle for a rainy wedding is with hair tied up or in a braid.

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Makeup should also be adjusted for moisture, mascara, foundation and lipstick will be the first to give up. Talk to a makeup artist, let him pick up waterproof options.


4. Take care of a roof over your head

Summer weddings often take place outdoors. Don't let the rain spoil your enjoyment of the holiday in the air - meet it fully armed. Talk to site representatives.

If your event is not the first for them, a lot has already been provided in case of rain. After understanding what the restaurant will offer, decide what you should add yourself. For a wedding in nature, it is important that the participants are dry and warm. Therefore, if the banquet takes place on an open veranda, then it must have a roof.

There is no roof - let there be an awning or a tent. It will also come in handy in case of heat, sitting under the scorching sun is not much more pleasant than sitting in the rain. It is often chilly during rainy weather, so if the site does not have outdoor heaters, it may be worth renting them.


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5. 5 Cloudy & Rainy Day Photography Techniques | Master Your Craft
Take amazing photos

Don't listen to a photographer telling you that rain on your wedding day is getting in the way of your photo session. A professional will take high-quality photos in any weather. Beautiful shots will turn out at dusk or at night.

The coolest photo of newlyweds - without an umbrella and in the rain. Make it at the end of the holiday, when the guests begin to disperse, the appearance will no longer be important to you.

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6. Warn guests about rain

Not everyone watches the weather forecast every day, so let guests know that rain is expected on the day of the holiday.You will take care of their comfort, but they will have to dress warmly on their own.


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7. Get plenty of umbrellas

Surely half of the guests will be without umbrellas. And the other half will bring umbrellas of different colors, checkered and polka dot. And all of them will be in your photos.

If you want to get stylish pictures even in such weather, prepare your umbrellas in all the colors of the rainbow or in the shades of the wedding.




Prepare in advance, then the wedding in the rain will be great. Remember the main thing - while the bride and groom are happy and smiling, relatives and friends will enjoy the celebration. Gloomy newlyweds, saddened by the weather, will upset even the most optimistic guests.


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