9 really critical mistakes of brides
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9 really critical mistakes of brides

Wedding planning can be a stressful experience, and as brides, we all want our special day to go off without a hitch. But the truth is, mistakes happen, and some can be pretty critical. So, how many critical mistakes are out there? Forty? Fifty?

Don't worry, it's not that bad. In fact, there are only 9 critical mistakes that brides need to watch out for. So, let's talk about them and make sure your wedding day is everything you've ever dreamed of.

In preparing this article, we searched the net for examples of brides' mistakes. Stumbled upon a real minefield! Dozens of sites talk about 40 or even 50 mistakes that in no case can be done in order not to spoil the wedding - it seems that any step can be fatal.

In fact, everything is not so scary, there are only 9 really critical errors, and the rest are trifles, because of which you should not even worry.

Bride mistake #1. Remove the groom from preparation.

The reasons for this may be different: the employment of a loved one, his unwillingness to be included in the process, or the desire of the bride to do just the way she wants. A wedding is the first joint “project” of a couple, it is important to organize it together and make it so that both are satisfied. Even if the groom is not eager to get involved, let him be responsible for the areas that are close to him. In addition, neither of you should make important decisions alone (budget, number of guests, choice of contractors, etc.)

Brides Mistake #2 Don't know the total budget.

At the very beginning of preparations for the wedding, the two of you need to agree on how much money will be spent on the celebration. Only by knowing it will you make the right decisions - for example, it would be unwise to buy a dress for $10,000 if the entire budget is $40,000.Without knowing the financial constraints from the very beginning, by the end of the preparation, you may find that there is no more money for important items of expenditure.

We advise you to use the budget file in the Bride Assistant - just enter the total budget, and the file will allocate it by expense item, showing how much money you can spend on a banquet, decor, contractors, etc.

Brides Mistake #3 Invite many extra guests.

A second cousin from Saratov, whom you almost never saw the last time? A school friend you haven't talked to in 10 years? Colleagues with whom you have nothing but work to do?

Are you calling everyone? This will not work.

The more guests, the higher the wedding expenses, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the atmosphere at the wedding depends not only on the couple and the professionals working on it, but also on the guests. The more “extra” people who are not close to you, the colder and more tense the atmosphere will be.

Invite people wisely, and this guide to making a guest list will help you.

Brides Mistake #4 Listen to someone else's opinion.

Let's say right away that it's worth listening to the opinions of others, but filter the advice and think about what you and your fiancé want. Everyone who advises has their own interests, but the wedding is only yours, so sometimes you have to say no:

  • parents who want to call strangers or arrange a fun ransom;
  • friends who don't like your decisions;
  • professionals who impose their opinion or even other contractors.

Saying NO is difficult, especially when it comes to loved ones who wish you well. But sometimes it's the only solution.

Brides Mistake #5 Call friends instead of professionals.

You can ask friends to work on your wedding only if they have already earned at least 5 years in the wedding industry, doing it seriously, and not as a hobby.An unfortunate mistake of brides is to think that you can cope with work at a celebration if a person does something similar well in life. Unfortunately, if a friend is good at making bouquets or taking pictures of you on walks, this does not mean that she will do the same on a professional level. Resist the temptation to save money this way, because almost everyone regrets this decision later.

Brides Mistake #6. Taking on too much.

"If you want to do well, do it yourself." This phrase is taken literally by many brides organizing a wedding, performing tasks that should be entrusted to others. For example, they make invitations by hand instead of buying ready-made ones and just signing them. Or they themselves prepare jam as a gift for guests, although this is not necessary to do it yourself.

Most often, brides take on a lot of DIY projects, that is, making decor and little things with their own hands. At the very beginning of preparation, this approach looks nice and justified, but the closer to the holiday, the more things to do, and there is no time left for DIY. If you really want to, choose one thing and do it.

Leave the rest to professionals.

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Brides Mistake #7. Do not rehearse the image before the wedding.

What looks good on others may look bad on you. Makeup can float in a few hours, although it should last all day. Your dream hairstyle can quickly become messy or even fall apart on your hair, because it is heavier or more fluffy than the model in the photos on Pinterest. Why are we?

Be sure to do a rehearsal of hair and makeup, do not skimp on it. So you will understand whether the chosen image is suitable and whether it will remain with you until the evening.

Bride Mistake #8. Don't come up with a backup plan.

What will you do if it rains during the photo session? How will you and your guests escape the suffocating heat? How will you warm up in the evening in the air during a summer wedding in nature?

Think about what you will do in case of bad weather, a broken car or a stain on your dress, then surprises will not spoil your holiday.

Bride Mistake #9 Don't delegate control on your wedding day.

You can prepare for the holiday yourself, but on the most important day, finish the work and transfer control to a professional. We advise you to hire a wedding coordinator who will take care of all the issues on the same day, so that you and your fiancé can relax and not solve problems.

Well, everything is not so scary, but there were very few mistakes that you can make? We did say

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