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Disney Travel Ideas

Are you still obsessed with Disney cartoons from your childhood? Well, we've got good news for you! It turns out that they might just be the perfect guides for planning your dream honeymoon. From the romantic landscapes of Normandy to the musical streets of New Orleans, we've got five amazing destinations that are sure to inspire your inner child and create unforgettable memories.

So pack your bags, get ready to dust off your favorite Disney DVD, and get ready for a honeymoon adventure!

Road trip in Normandy

"The beauty and the Beast"

Normandy is a very special place with a wonderfully calm and romantic atmosphere. Everything here is reminiscent of Belle's wonderful history: cute houses, free-ranging horses, bakeries where you can buy fresh croissants and pan-au-chocolate and, of course, endless expanses of meadows and pastures. Be sure to visit the city of Deauville (we advise you to stay at the Normandy Htel Barrire, where the romantic film "A Man and a Woman" was filmed), chase the seagulls on the embankment and enjoy oysters in one of the cozy restaurants, and then go to enjoy the sunset in the town of Ertretat, which they loved to depict so much impressionist painters on their canvases.

On your way to Normandy, be sure to stop in the Loire Valley for a day or two to admire the Chateau de Chambord, the inspiration for the beautiful palace in Disney's classic Beauty and the Beast. Do not forget to look into the neighboring palaces - Chenonceau and Amboise. And, of course, sign up for at least one wine tasting with the owners of local farms - you will get great pleasure!

New Orleans Jazz Festival

"The Princess and the Frog"

The animated film "The Princess and the Frog" is a kind of mini-guide to New Orleans. All key locations from the cartoon were inspired by real-life architectural monuments, streets and cafes, which create the unique style of the city. For example, the chic mansion in which Miss Charlotte lives is very reminiscent of a beautiful house with the funny name "Wedding Cake".

It is located in the Garden Quarter of the city. Be sure to pay attention to other sights of the city: the famous trams, the Red Queen steamship, the cozy French Quarter, and St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square.

But the main thing in New Orleans is, of course, the jazz festival. Book tickets in advance! In 2018, the festival will run from April 27 to May 6, ticket prices start at $58.

Here you will not only hear great music, but also get acquainted with the peculiarities of Creole culture, taste the most delicious dishes of national cuisine (for example, beignet donuts, beloved by Tiana!). Today, the festival takes place on as many as 12 stages of the Louisiana Hippodrome, and the number of its guests exceeds 150,000 people.

Bright colors of India


Did you know that the Sultan's Castle from the animated film Aladdin was inspired by the famous Taj Mahal in India? Yes, yes, that's exactly it. Traveling to this amazing country for a honeymoon is sure to please couples who are ready for an adventure in the style of the movie "Eat Pray Love".

By the way, in India you can not only relax and recharge with positive emotions, but also repeat the wedding ceremony according to local customs. And then go to Goa, rent scooters, enjoy nature and beaches! Sounds great, right?

We also think so.Once in Delhi, by all means look into the luxurious Imperial Hotel, stroll through the busy streets of the old city, try local food (if you like spicy!), Visit the wonderful Lotus Temple. In Goa, indulge in the pleasure of swimming on a cruise ship, visit the national park (we recommend stopping at the Savoy plantation or the Bhagwan Mahavir Reserve) and, of course, go to the spa!

Cherry blossom in China


You can admire the cherry blossoms not only in Japan, but also in China. The main thing is to know the ideal places to contemplate these pale pink flowers and, of course, choose the right time! Sakura in China blooms in late March-early April, and one of the most popular and favorite tourist cherry parks, Yuyuantan, is located in the west of Beijing.

Look at his photos on the Internet, and you will definitely want to go there!

Once in Beijing, do not miss the chance to see the Great Wall of China with your own eyes. To get to it, the best solution would be to rent a car (and do not forget about comfortable shoes - the path along the Wall is not only not close, but also slippery!). Be sure to take a walk around the Forbidden City, try unusual (and sometimes incredibly spicy) local dishes, pack your bags and head to Hainan Island - you deserve the perfect beach vacation!

Mountains and castles of Scotland


A trip to Scotland is a journey for the soul that loves space and nature. The sight of a herd of sheep grazing in green fields will certainly take your breath away (so grab three memory cards at once!).Be sure to rent a car to see all the beauties of the national parks and rent a cozy and authentic house by the lake overlooking the endless green expanses. Ride horses like Princess Merida and be sure to take a tour of the legendary Callanish stones - that's something!

Visit Edinburgh's landmarks, walk the Royal Mile, taste homemade haggis and visit the National Museum of Scotland, which displays ancient weapons, fabrics and other elements of the life of the ancient Scots. A trip to Dunnottar Castle, which is located in the south of Stonehaven in the county of Aberdeenshire, will also be interesting. HOW TO PLAN A DISNEY VACATION IN 2023 | Disney World Vacation Planning | Planning a Disney Trip

Archaeologists believe that it was built in the XV-XVI centuries! And one more thing: southeast of the village of Kannich in the highlands of Scotland is a place called Affric Hollow.

Here are preserved giant Caledo pine forests, one of the oldest on the island!

Sea cruise on the liner


Traveling on a liner is a great option for inquisitive couples who prefer to "combine business with pleasure" even during their honeymoon. During such a trip, you will not only see many beautiful countries, cities and attractions, but also have a great time on board: most five-star liners are equipped with spas, gourmet restaurants and other high-class entertainment and leisure activities. We recommend considering not only Europe, but also other destinations: for example, a tour of the Caribbean or the Norwegian fjords.

If the soul asks for summer, then a Caribbean cruise is what you need! Traveling on the liner, you can see the Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Antigua and other islands of the Caribbean. Well, for couples who are indifferent to the joys of a tropical climate, a trip in the “hygge” style - through the Scandinavian beauties, will seem ideal.

During the trip you will see Stockholm and Oslo, the Waterfalls Road, visit Bergen and finally make sure that the greatest beauty is created not by man, but by nature.

The same Bavarian castle

"Sleeping Beauty"

Of course, you know that "the same Sleeping Beauty castle from the Disney animated movie intro" was inspired by the stunningly beautiful Neuschwanstein Palace, located in the southwest of Bavaria. Every year, crowds of tourists flock here, dreaming of taking the perfect photo against the backdrop of the residence of Ludwig II. We suspect that you would not refuse such a frame.

Therefore, when planning a romantic trip to Europe, be sure to include Neuschwanstein in your travel plan - you won't regret it!

The easiest way to get to the castle is from Munich. Rent a car directly at the airport and go on an adventure on the roads of Bavaria! The drive from Munich to Neuschwanstein takes approximately 2 hours and your journey will take you past picturesque mountains, fields and other pastoral views. On the way, stop at one of the picturesque lakes for a romantic picnic with fresh fruit, pâtés, pretzels and a piece of delicious strudel! Another tip: don't miss the chance to see another Bavarian castle called Hohenschwangau, as well as the nearby Alpsee lake.Get great fun!

Charming Princesses, beautiful princes, wonderful love stories and a whole ocean of inspiration awaits you in March in the Big Animation at 19:30 section on Disney Channel!

Photos courtesy of Disney Channel.

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