Everything you need to know about wedding table decor
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Everything you need to know about wedding table decor

Weddings are a time of love, laughter and table settings – at least that's what my grandmother always used to say! And while we can't help you with the first two, we can certainly lend a hand when it comes to creating the perfect tablescape for the newlyweds. From which cutlery to use, to whether or not a wine glass should be placed above or below the water glass – we have all your wedding table-related questions covered.

So sit back, relax, and let's get ready to dish out some wedding wisdom!

In our country, the banquet takes at least half of the wedding day! Those present spend several hours at the tables. Because of this, it is important not only what to serve and how to entertain guests, but also how the banquet hall looks.

It is especially worth thinking about the design of the table of the newlyweds, because the guests will look at it most often.

Rules for decorating the newlyweds' table

  • The decoration of such a table includes both the table itself and the area around it - in front of it, on the sides and behind the backs of the bride and groom.
  • Decor elements should not cover the couple from the guests or be too bright, pulling the eye on themselves.
  • The table at which the couple sits is decorated more interesting than the guest tables, but at the same time it is worth adhering to a single style.

    Plombir Wedding

    Fleurage Decor

  • It is important to leave enough space for the groom, bride and plates of food.
  • In decorating the table of the newlyweds, you should not use elements that create interference - a long tablecloth from the side of the newlyweds, which will constantly be stepped on, or flower arrangements right under your arms.
  • To save money, it is permissible to use the background from the registration area, rearranging it behind the backs of the bride and groom for the duration of the banquet.

    Olivia Markle Photography

    Olivia Markle Photography

How not to do

  • Do not choose too elaborate decoration of the table of the newlyweds, behind which they will be hard to see. The same applies to the background behind them - if it is too bright, the guests will involuntarily look at it during the evening.
  • You should not go to the other extreme, making a table for a couple too simple compared to a guest table. Even if you have chosen a minimalist style, your table still should not look inconspicuous.
  • Do not decorate the table of the newlyweds in such a way that it clearly stands out from the general design concept.
  • Do not leave the table of the young completely undecorated, at least one flower arrangement should be present.

Features of decorating the table of the newlyweds, depending on the type of wedding

If the wedding is large, and there are many guests, you can put the table on a dais. Also in this case, a little more brightness and pretentiousness is acceptable than in other cases, because the table should be visible to everyone.

Shakirova Studio

Shakirova Studio

At a chamber wedding with one common table, the zone of the young is visually distinguished with the help of floristry and other decor.

When arranging a wedding in nature, when there is no desire or opportunity to put a background behind your back, arrange the table so that there is an interesting view behind the young people, and not a boring stone wall.

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Jordan Jankun Photography

Newlyweds table decoration ideas

Focus on an unusual background.

Sweet William

Sweet William / Woodberry

Decoration of the table of the newlyweds with flowers.

Botanica Decor

Sweet William

Case Flower

Arseniy Prusakov / Good Wings

All About Rectangle Tables

Sara K Byrne

wedding people

wedding people

Shakirova Studio

Light strings in the background.



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Top photo by Nicole Leever Photography

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