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Who hasn't dreamed of being the star of their own fairy tale, complete with a happily ever after? Well, now you can make that dream a reality with a magical fairy tale wedding! From enchanted forests to Cinderella's ballroom, the options are endless for creating your own storybook wedding.

So forget the traditional venues and throw caution to the wind with a playful and whimsical wedding that will leave you feeling like a true prince or princess.

What could be a fairytale wedding? Any! This is the beauty of this topic: the author of your fairy tale is you. And only you can decide how events will develop in it.

For example, Rebecca, the heroine of Sophie Kinsella's book Shopaholic and Marriage, had a Sleeping Beauty-style wedding. The holiday turned out fabulous in every sense! The hall of the Plaza Hotel was decorated with real trees imported from Switzerland, fresh flowers and fruits. Garlands of fairy lights were hung on the trees.

Live birds flew through this impromptu wonderful forest. Musical accompaniment was provided by violinists from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Rebecca was wearing a one-of-a-kind dress designed especially for her by an aspiring designer.

And the variety of dishes was amazing!

Not every newlywed will agree to repeat such a feat. The wedding cost a fortune - one cake cost several thousand dollars. In addition, Rebecca had the best New York wedding planner at her disposal, who dealt with all organizational issues. The bride only needed ideas.

However, a fabulous wedding can be arranged on your own and with almost any budget.It doesn't have to be tens of thousands of dollars. Many elements can be made with your own hands from improvised materials. Let's figure out how to organize such a celebration.

Where to begin

First of all, decide which fairy tale you want to go to. From this you will "dance" at all stages of preparation. The most suitable fairy tales for a wedding are:

  • "Cinderella";
  • "Sleeping Beauty";
  • "Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass";
  • "The Wizard of Oz" ("The Wizard of the Emerald City");
  • "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs";
  • "Rapunzel";
  • "The beauty and the Beast";
  • "Princess Frog";
  • "The Snow Queen".

This list of ideas is not limited. You can choose absolutely any fairy tale or combine several magical stories at once! For example, a fairy tale wedding could be a gathering of iconic superheroes or the most famous fairy tale characters, a fantasy celebration with Tolkien characters, a party of fairies or witches… There are no limits!

It is not necessary to accurately recreate all the details of fairy tales. It is easier and cheaper to use the stylization method, using the most recognizable elements of a particular magical story (or several). The wedding will turn out to be more spectacular and interesting if you enter a dress code.

However, the invitees should be informed about this long before the celebration, so that they do not have to invent images in a hurry and painfully think about where to get the costumes.

Images of the bride and groom

With this, everything is simple - the appearance of characters in fairy tales, as a rule, is described in sufficient detail. You just have to recreate it. And also films and cartoons based on the necessary fairy tales can come to the rescue: you can simply copy the images from them.And you can make quite "general" images. Here are just a few ideas:

  • If we are talking about an oriental fairy tale, it is best to dress the bride in a luxurious outfit made of brocade or natural silk. The groom can wear trousers, a loose long shirt, a vest and a turban, or choose a traditional European wedding suit, complemented by oriental elements (for example, embroidery);
  • Decided to become a prince and princess? Then let the bride put on a chic ball gown with a crinoline, and crown her head with a diadem or crown. A velvet camisole will look great on the groom.

And remember - a fabulous wedding only welcomes the scope of imagination and creative impulses.

Location and decoration of the wedding

The venue for the celebration is also chosen in accordance with the atmosphere prevailing in the chosen fairy tale. You can use the example of the book Rebecca and create a magical forest (the idea is suitable, for example, for a wedding in the style of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, elven, fairy or witch celebration ). And for this it is absolutely not necessary to order trees from Switzerland. Have a wedding in a garden or a real forest (this place is suitable for late spring, summer and early autumn)! Trees can be decorated with real or artificial flowers and fruits, garlands of lights, individual lanterns.

And among all this splendor there will be tables for guests.

For an oriental-style wedding, almost any room can be decorated accordingly. The spacious hall of the restaurant is best suited for this purpose. Decorate it with carpets, pillows, hookahs, Aladdin lamps.

A fairy tale wedding in the style of "prince and princess" ("Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty") will look best in a castle or a chic manor. The rooms are decorated in the spirit of the Middle Ages, using wooden elements, panels, cups, draperies, paintings, mirrors in massive frames.

When decorating a wedding venue or outdoor area, don't forget about elements that refer to a particular fairy tale. For example, if we are talking about the "Snow Queen", artificial snowflakes and ice cubes will be appropriate in the design. Did you choose Cinderella?

Do not forget about the huge clock, the hand on which is inexorably approaching midnight! And "Sleeping Beauty" will not do without a spindle!

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Thematic photo session

Photos taken in a fabulous decor will already look unusual and very interesting. However, it is recommended to use some specific idea. The key moments of fairy tales are best suited in this capacity: the prince wakes up the Sleeping Beauty with a kiss or holds out a shoe to Cinderella; Rapunzel throws off her braid to the groom; the bride, who has just turned from a frog into a princess, holds an arrow in her hands.

Fairy tale wedding and details

Any celebration begins with details, the main of which are invitations and a wedding cake. Invitations can be decorated with images of the corresponding characters or made in the form of certain fairy-tale attributes (“poisoned” apples - for a holiday in the style of “Snow White”, small mirrors - for “Alice Through the Looking-Glass”, fancy flowers - for a party of fairies).

Absolutely any cake is allowed - multi-tiered or single-tiered, mastic, cream, "naked". The main thing is that it should be made in the appropriate fabulously magical style.You can find the cake and other important elements needed for such a wedding in our selection of fabulous accessories.

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