Fall wedding decor
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Fall wedding decor

Are you ready to fall in love with the idea of ​​an autumn wedding? Well, don't leaf just yet because we've got some amazing design tips for you! When it comes to autumn weddings, the possibilities are endless. You can play with colors, textures, and nature to create the perfect ambiance for your special day.

So, grab your pumpkin spice latte, put on your coziest sweater, and let's dive into the world of autumn wedding design!

Wedding in the style of an autumn garden or forest

It's great if you can hold a celebration in a real forest or garden, setting up a tent in it in case of rain. And it's okay if the wedding takes place in a banquet hall - it can also be turned into an autumn corner of nature! Tree branches (or even whole dry trees), hemp, fruits and bunches of berries, cones, mushrooms, nuts, autumn leaves will help you with this - real and made, for example, from paper.


Autumn leaves give scope for imagination. They can be left natural shades or painted in any desired color. Or combine natural and "artificial" tones.

Leaves are used to create compositions, garlands and arches, they decorate a table, furniture and even a wedding cake!

The forest will become magical if you include mysteriously flickering lanterns in the design of the autumn wedding: hang them on trees or add garlands or arches of leaves with them.



rustic wedding

Decorating in a rustic style will allow you to create a truly cozy, warm, family atmosphere. The main elements of the decor will be cereals, haystacks and bales of hay / straw (they can be inexpensively purchased, for example, from people involved in the preparation of feed for livestock or from farmers), herbs, sunflowers and an abundance of vegetables and fruits.Vegetables (zucchini, pumpkins, corn cobs, potatoes, carrots, beets - any seasonal ones) are included in decorative compositions and laid out in suitable containers: buckets, wicker baskets and even wheelbarrows. Fruits and berries (apples, grapes, pears) will also look great in baskets.

Harvest splendor can be supplemented with burlap (for example, bags of cereals or grains), jars of jam and honey, linen fabrics, wooden elements (fence, utensils), earthenware.



fruit wedding

Decorating an autumn wedding in a vegetable, berry or fruit style looks amazing. Best 30 DIY Fall Wedding Decorations For Every Budget

As a rule, they take one fruit as a basis and include it in almost any decor elements: garlands, arches, table compositions, bouquets. The “main” fruit gives the name to the wedding itself, which can be apple, pumpkin, pear, peach, orange, viburnum, mountain ash, grape, mushroom, nut - whatever! The main element is also decorated with festive dishes, gifts for guests, name cards, invitations ...

Candlesticks carved from suitable fruits - pumpkins, apples, oranges - look charming.

You can also combine two or more main fruits, but then the wedding will already be at least apple-pear or viburnum-rowan. Or you will have to come up with a name that is not related to the main elements.

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