Fresh wedding table ideas
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Fresh wedding table ideas

Are you tired of the same old wedding catering ideas? Have no fear, because we've got some fresh, unhackneyed options for your big day! From simple yet elegant servings to unique and quirky cutlery arrangements, we've got you covered.

And don't worry about finding those cool serving accessories, because we'll give you the scoop on where to find them too. So sit back, relax, and let's get to planning the most unforgettable wedding feast yet!

The main rules of wedding serving

If you do not involve a decorator, you should know the basic rules for arranging dishes and appliances that work for any style of decoration:

  • First, a large plate is placed on the table, and already a snack bar is placed in it.
  • A cloth napkin is always placed on the plate.
  • Devices can be laid out in different ways. For example, with a large number of changes of dishes, all forks that need to be used are placed in a row on the left, and all knives on the right. If you need a spoon, then it should be at the top edge of the plate. In most cases, there is no need for 4 forks, so a simple approach is taken: a fork on the left, and a knife and a large spoon on the right. A dessert spoon in this case is placed next to the fork or above the plate.
  • Glasses are a must for soft drinks and wine. Glasses for strong drinks are placed only in front of those guests who need them.
  • The rule to set the table with a tablecloth is no longer mandatory: you can choose serving coasters for plates. By the way, it will look much more interesting, because the choice of materials is huge - from fabric to metal and plastic.

Modern classic

For a classic wedding, opt for white tableware and tablecloths.To prevent such a serving from looking boring, add brushed gold or copper cutlery and figured coasters to match.

Greenery style

This trend will rule weddings for a long time, but take a new approach to embodying the idea: dilute the green with muted shades of the earth and put pots of greens on the guests' plates that you can take home.


Gorgeous wedding table setting for a celebration by the sea! Palm leaves will replace complex floral arrangements (and will look more appropriate), and such marine “inhabitants” will add luxury.

Riot of color

When it's impossible to choose a dominant color for a wedding, it's worth making a strong decision and leaving all the colors that you like. They may well be combined with each other, the main thing to remember is that the saturation and warmth of the shades should be approximately the same (for example, bright and warm shades or pastel and cold).

Stylish metals

Gold and copper are at the height of fashion, which means it is worth using them in a wedding setting.

Don't limit yourself to just cutlery - choose dishes and accessories made from the same materials or similar colors.

bold black

Wedding Sweetheart Tables for 2023 Designs and The popularity

The last idea for those who calmly walk down the road after being run over by a black cat and do not consider black to be the wrong color for a wedding. For brides free from prejudice. Take a closer look at what at first glance seems like a tablecloth - these are luxurious black feathers! Your guests have never seen such a wedding setting!

Interesting accessories

We spent a lot of time on the website of the MOLTOMOLTO store and decided not to limit ourselves to the ideas described above, but also to show some more exquisite coasters for plates and details that we especially liked - go to the page of each accessory by simply clicking on the picture:

Photos provided by the MOLTOMOLTO store