Gentle wedding for ballet lovers
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Gentle wedding for ballet lovers

Get ready to pirouette down the aisle because we've got a wedding that's perfect for ballet enthusiasts! This gentle and romantic affair is the perfect combination of pastel hues, dreamy details, and flawless beauty. If you're someone who's smitten with tutus and pointe shoes, then grab your tiara and join us for a whimsical celebration that's fit for a prima ballerina.

Get ready to twirl your way through a wedding that's sure to leave you breathless, with all the poise and elegance of a grand jet. Let's dive in!

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Do you know that although ballet appeared in the 15th century, the costumes of the artists became familiar to us only very recently, in the last century? Prior to this, the dancers performed in long dresses, similar to the outfits of the queen's ladies-in-waiting and ladies at court. Only in the 20th century did skirts begin to be made from airy materials and the length was shortened to the knees.

A wedding dress for a gentle ballerina bride can be long, short or medium length. It can be powder, pastel or white. When choosing such an image, give freedom to fantasy, but remember that the outfit should remain light, light and airy.

Of course, there is also the image of the Black Swan, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

A particularly responsible task is the choice of shoes for a delicate bride. Just as Cinderella cannot be imagined without glass shoes, so the image of a ballerina is inextricably linked with pointe shoes. If pointe shoes confuse you with the lack of heels, look for wedding shoes that resemble ballet shoes.

To do this, choose satin and delicate powdery or pastel shades.


The image of the bride also implies a gentle make-up for the wedding - naturalness, lightness, no dense textures and bright colors.If you want more showiness, you can, on the contrary, afford magnificent dark arrows - ballerinas on stage actively emphasize their eyes so that they can be seen even from afar. The bride does not need to try so hard, but no one forbids making a dramatic accent.



Hairstyle - of course, a bun, and it is not necessary to choose a classic version of a tight hair-to-hair hairstyle. Come up with an alternative option by releasing a few strands from the bundle and making it less strict.


Gentle wedding colors

Soft muted tones will be the basis of your celebration. Combine several colors, the predominance of one of them may look boring. In addition to the image of the bride, add pastel to the groom's suit, cake, printing and, of course, decor.

The delicate decoration of the wedding cannot be completed without the romance of pink, the warmth of peach and the touchingness of powdery shades. For wedding decor, choose flying materials, transparent dishes and trendy metals. Let there be many roses and other flowers, because it is impossible to imagine a performance without flowers on stage and in the hands of ballerinas.


Focus on printing

Invitations, cards with the names of guests and other printing must match the style of the ballet celebration. Decide how literally the invitations will show what awaits the guests at your tender wedding. This dancer performs as a ‘flowerina’ in lieu of flower girls at weddings

They can be made in the form of theater tickets or be decorated with "ballet" symbols - pointe shoes, ballerinas, etc.

And they can contain only a hint of the theme, conveying it in pastel colors and light calligraphy.

Wedding photo session

Do you like ballet, but you have never stood on pointe, and the groom is generally terrified of dancing? Then there is no need to torment each other, depicting ballet steps in front of the camera.Arrange a gentle wedding photo session, create appropriate images and surroundings - the result will be magical. Well, if you have a ballet school or even a career behind you, show yourself in the photographs in all your glory!

You can choose a hall with a machine tool as a place for shooting, but it is much more interesting to arrange such a shooting on the street. Let the work of the famous Omar Z. Robles, who photographs ballet dancers right on the streets of New York, serve as inspiration for you:


Performance of ballerinas

A ballet wedding without ballet is like a shoemaker without boots. If you want a live performance of ballerinas for a wedding, it is possible, many theater troupes come to dance at events.



If you are not ready to dance, let the ballerinas meet the guests at the entrance. However, it is not necessary to literally convey the theme of your tender wedding - you can symbolically use the image of a ballerina. On the cake, for example:


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