Greenery at the wedding
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Greenery at the wedding

Hey there, wedding planners! Are you tired of the usual flower arrangements that seem to grace every single wedding ceremony and reception? Ready to take a bold step and incorporate leafy greens and foliage into your theme instead? Well, hold onto your fancy hats, because boy, do we have an article for you! Our handy guide delves into the world of luxurious greenery, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to bring this decor idea to life.

It's time to add some serious foliage flair to your big day –let's get started!

Plants and shades for decoration

For decoration, any green plants that you can find are suitable:

  • Green branches of trees and flowers
  • Needles
  • Holly
  • Rosemary, mint, lemon balm, etc.

Green decor suggests vibrant greenery, however, delicate accents are also desirable - white, pastel pink or blue in the form of flowers. Add warm or cool shades of brown, metals, using wooden surfaces or decorations.


Table and chair decor

The most beautiful part of the wedding hall with this design is the table. This is not surprising, because you can arrange stunning arrangements of greenery and flowers, put a sprig of rosemary or succulent on a napkin for a guest as a compliment, or decorate the table with greenery in combination with luminous garlands.


Chairs are decorated in a similar style - for example, with the help of wide green branches or draperies with fabric, decorated with a green bouquet or twig.

The bride's bouquet

Greenery at the wedding suggests its predominance in the bride's bouquet - in this case, other flowers can be used to make it more interesting. DIY Greenery Wall Backdrop | How to Make a Boxwood Hedge Wall for Any Occasion | Wedding DIY Project

Roses, peonies or chrysanthemums in white and salmon look especially advantageous.


A wedding cake

It is not necessary to order a huge green cake to fit the theme of the wedding. Very beautiful (and tasty) white desserts, decorated with greenery and flowers:  

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Greenery Filled Wedding Reception - Stage Decor