How is preparing for a wedding like building a house?
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How is preparing for a wedding like building a house?

Wedding bells are ringing, love is in the air, and to-do lists are peeling up like there's no tomorrow. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but fear not, for we have a fresh perspective to help you navigate through this exciting journey. Brace yourself as we compare the process of getting married to building a house.

From creating a blueprint to picking out the finishing touches, we'll dish out some tips and tricks to make your wedding planning process a walk in the park. Ready, set, let's get married (and build a house)!

Have you thought about how much it will take to build a house? How much do you need to keep in mind? There are so many steps to come up with a plan, find workers, lay the foundation, and implement so many steps that building a house is considered one of the most difficult tasks for a reason. When you become a bride, you find yourself in a similar situation.

The main steps of preparing for a wedding and erecting a building intersect, and by analogy with a house, it will be easier to remember the stages of preparation. Don't believe? We prove!

Step 1 - choose an idea

Before you build a house, you should understand how it should be. How many rooms do you need? What material will you build from?

What will be the plan of the house? Dozens of questions swarm in my head - just like when preparing for a wedding.

When becoming a bride, it is important to decide what kind of wedding you want by answering 6 main questions for this:

  1. Large or chamber?
  2. A holiday in a warm or cold season?
  3. In your hometown or in another city/country?
  4. In nature or indoors?
  5. Classic or modern?
  6. Themed (Harry Potter wedding, etc.) or not?

Step 2 - Decide on a budget

Surely you would not mind building a castle for yourself, but you understand that there will not be enough funds for this. Yes, and it is difficult to clean such magnificence alone, which means that you will have to bear additional costs by hiring an assistant. At this stage, it is important to understand what budget you have and update the ideal picture of the house, based on your capabilities.

The bride and groom also have to decide how much money they will spend on the wedding, because it will depend on what kind of celebration they can organize. Financial constraints make adjustments to how the holiday will turn out, but if you have faithfully answered the questions in the previous step and imagined your ideal wedding, it will be easier to adjust this picture to leave only the important. For example, you want a summer wedding in a trendy boutique hotel in the Moscow region, but, having estimated the budget, you understand that it turns out to be expensive.

If you clearly understand that it is the celebration in nature that is most important to you, then you can easily refuse an expensive hotel, replacing it with a more democratic place. Having decided on the amount, figure out how you will distribute the budget. Keep in mind that the bulk of the money is spent on venue rental, food, decor, and a wedding dress.

Step 3 - assemble a team

Most likely, you will not build a house yourself, but hire a work team. Half of the success depends on the experience of the workers and their willingness to hear your wishes.

So with the preparations for the wedding - you will have to pick up a team or hire an organizer who will help with this task. You must be sure that the people who will work at the celebration are determined to fulfill your desires and be professionals.First of all, look for a photographer, decorator and presenter, they will prompt the rest of the contractors: artists, DJ and videographer. If you decide to contact the organizer, first find it.

Step 4 - lay the foundation

Building a house begins with laying the foundation, and active preparations for the wedding begin with choosing the exact date and site. The restaurant will become a significant expense item, it can also change the date of the wedding, so it is important to decide on it first. Often the selected site is busy on the right day, but is ready to open the doors for you one or two weeks later.

In this case, we advise you to reconsider your plans, because finding a suitable place is much more important and more difficult than choosing a beautiful date.

Step 5 - build walls and roof

Next after the foundation, during the construction of the house, the foundation of the house is erected, the “box” - the walls and the roof. It is also important for the bride and groom to decide on the main elements of the celebration, without which it is difficult to imagine any wedding:

  1. Make a guest list
  2. Select a menu at a restaurant or catering service
  3. Choose a theme and decor for the celebration
  4. Buy wedding rings
  5. Buy a wedding dress
  6. Buy a groom's suit
  7. Order a wedding cake

Step 6 - Resolve Technical Issues

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Having built the walls and roof of the house, they move on to technical issues: ensuring the availability of water, light and gas. Do not forget to do this when preparing for the wedding. Important technical aspects: filing an application with the registry office on the selected date and drawing up the timing of the wedding day. If everything is clear with the first, then the need for the second is not obvious.

Timing will allow you to clearly imagine how many hours you will have at each stage of the holiday (fees, photo session of the bride and groom, registry office, walk and restaurant).It is possible that you will not have time for a walk after the registry office, but you will understand this only by making a detailed schedule.

Step 7 - go to the details

For most, the most enjoyable stage of building a house is finishing. At this time, you choose paint or wallpaper for the walls, floor covering. You are looking for furniture and interior details: mirrors, linens, curtain fabric and many other small things.

With the wedding, the same thing, because at the end comes the best period. At this time you:

  • Choose the image of the bride (bridal bouquet, shoes, garter, hair and makeup)
  • Choose accessories for the groom's look
  • Select and send wedding invitations
  • Thinking of gifts for guests
  • Looking for cute decor accessories
  • Create a holiday playlist
  • Learn the first dance with the groom (if you want)

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