How to arrange an eco-style wedding?
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How to arrange an eco-style wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement, it's time to start thinking about your dream wedding! But wait, have you considered the impact your big day may have on the environment? Fear not, we have some fabulous tips to help you plan a fashionable eco-style wedding that will not only make your day unforgettable, but also save precious natural resources.

Read on for our detailed guide on how to create a green, gorgeous and guilt-free wedding.

Eco wedding principles

  • What you do should be based on the principle of reducing harm to the environment. Eco weddings are often compared to rustic weddings, and although they look similar in appearance, it is important for rustic to be closer to nature, but not to preserve it. Rustic is freshly cut flowers, linen tablecloths, juicy shish kebab - something that does not suit an eco-holiday.
  • Don't go to extremes trying to make every step green. This is not feasible and threatens to spoil the mood. Instead of limiting yourself, choose sensible measures that won't ruin your dream holiday.
  • Look for a place in nature - this way you use less design elements, focusing on naturalness.

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Wedding invitations

Just as theater begins with a hanger, a wedding begins with invitations, so think about them first. Be sure to indicate the theme of the wedding, because it is not very popular yet and will intrigue guests. Make eco-style invitations out of recycled paper or even choose cards online that won't cost a single drop of printing ink.

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If you take the matter seriously, then you should not buy young outfits, but choose vintage or rent a dress with a suit.At the same time, we understand that second-hand clothes are not for everyone, especially when it comes to such a day, so we suggest taking any eco-style wedding clothes you want.

At the same time, you can do without a fur coat or genuine leather shoes, and buy a dress made of silk, viscose or cotton. Try to sell the outfits after the wedding or wear them in the future if you can.


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Wedding decoration in eco style

Choose a site where you need a minimum of additional details: with textured wooden tables, interesting walls, or a picturesque natural background. If you need to add something, use only natural - wood, stone, cork and recycled materials. No plastic!

If you can rent individual pieces of art instead of buying them, do so.

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It’s not easy with flowers, because cutting flowers = harming nature, but at the same time you have a holiday where you can’t go without floristry. There are two options:

  1. When choosing fresh cut flowers, give preference to seasonal and local ones that grow in your area.
  2. For a real eco-style wedding, use flowers in pots, which you can then give to guests or plant in your country house.

Discard tablecloths, because their washing will require additional energy, the wooden table itself looks authentic. Replace paper napkins with fabric ones (yes, they still have to be washed, but then these napkins are used many more times).

In the evening, give up electric lighting in favor of candles, if the site allows you to do this - save energy and create a cozy atmosphere.

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Menu Features

Such a wedding also affects the dishes that you feed the guests. Let there be as much organic and local food on the tables as possible: rustic vegetables and fruits, homemade bread and compotes, a cake made from natural ingredients. Carefully calculate portions so that there are as few leftovers as possible, but do not overdo it, hungry guests are useless.

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Gifts for guests

Give something that is connected with careful consumption, then your eco-style wedding will also help someone take the path of nature conservation:

  • Reusable coffee mugs (not plastic)
  • Fabric bags
  • Seeds of trees, flowers or just vegetables
  • Cereals or seeds to feed the birds on the way to work
  • A book or course on sustainable consumption (we love the free Now So Course)
  • Make donations on behalf of guests to charities of their choice. Provide 2-3 options, let everyone write to whom he wants to transfer money.

You can give guests something that is not related to the environment, for this we have a selection of 105 gift ideas for guests.

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Do you have any questions? Write to us, we will answer!

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