How to create a wedding website in 20 minutes?
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How to create a wedding website in 20 minutes?
Weddings are supposed to be all about love, but let's be real: they can also be about stress, chaos, and overwhelming work. So when we heard about the Happy4ever website builder and the promise of a "fast and easy" way to create a wedding website, we knew we had to try it out. Armed with a few cups of coffee, a sprinkle of optimism, and a truckload of skepticism, we dove into the Happy4ever world to see if it lives up to the hype.

Here's what we found out.

Creating a wedding website is cheaper.

Not only cheaper, but generally free - Happy4ever does not charge money for the site. You can choose from more themes, upload photos after the wedding, or provide links to the bride and groom's social media accounts if you take the Premium plan. But a decent site can be made without it.

Creating a wedding website is faster and more convenient.

We recorded the time: it turned out that 20 minutes were spent on the site. A third of that time was spent looking for cute photos of the bride and groom that would look good with each other. You even need to register after you have seen the layout of the site, you do not need to do this at the very beginning.

We didn’t notice any problems with convenience either - the interface of the designer is intuitive and simple, each section has its own tab and it’s hard to get lost.

You can show more on the wedding website.

It's true - see for yourself.

We have created a wedding website, where we posted not only basic information about the holiday (newlyweds, date and place), but also the program of the celebration. There was even a place for the love story of our fictional couple: we decided that the guys met on New Year's Eve and have not parted since then

For those who plan everything in advance, there is an opportunity to publish a seating plan for guests so that they familiarize themselves with it in advance. But we were subdued by the built-in Google Maps: you enter the address of the registry office or a restaurant, and a map automatically appears on the site indicating this place. How to create a wedding website using The Knot// FREE wedding website// Quick and Easy

Wedding site or invitations?

If you want to do it quickly and inexpensively, you should definitely create a wedding website. Ours turned out to be cute, concise and understandable even to grandmothers.

If you want something left to hold in your hands after the holiday, print invitations, and publish detailed information on the website.

What would you like to wish Happy4ever? Add new sections to the site, make the constructor even more convenient (although much more convenient) and include even more design themes.

Photo by Pinterest and Happy4ever.

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