How to keep wedding memories
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How to keep wedding memories

Wedding season is upon us, and we all know what that means - time to break out your dancing shoes and your best outfit ever . But what happens when the party is over and you're left with a plethora of wedding memories? Fear not, because we have some great tips on where to stash all those pictures, bells, wish books and other keepsakes. Get ready to take notes because this is the article you need to read before you say "I do".

Photo and video

Probably, not a single newlyweds can do without wedding photography and video filming. By reviewing this archive, one can wonderfully revive memories of the solemn day in memory. However, there is a little secret here. Try to fill your wedding photos and videos with as many details as possible.

Let the photo session take place in unusual or bright scenery, and pictures directly from the scene will contain as many of these same events as possible. On the video, you can shoot not only the wedding itself, but also small congratulatory speeches from the guests and touching comments about what is happening from the newlyweds themselves.

Wish books and their variations

A wish book is a traditional attribute of a wedding. The guests bring the warmest, most heartfelt words into it - perhaps those that would not dare to say out loud. Newlyweds, and in the future spouses with experience tirelessly re-read these records, and the brightest moments of the wedding pop up in their memory.

You can find a more original alternative to the wish book, ranging from a wish tree to a piece of furniture for your home, on which guests will write the most important words for you.

wedding vows

Wedding vows, which the bride and groom write themselves and pronounce to each other at the celebration, belong to the oral tradition.But who said they can't be preserved in writing and turned into beautiful reminders of one of the most amazing days of your life? They can be designed with the help of a calligrapher, beautifully printed with intricate fonts on a computer, or drawn by hand.

Wedding vows are one of the most romantic parts of a wedding. Rereading them, you will again and again find yourself in the same day and acutely experience the same fireworks of emotions.

wedding bells

They could be classified as memorabilia, however, this is something more. It is worth talking about them separately. This is a new trend in wedding fashion - a touching, beautiful and very stylish reminder of the most romantic day.

In order to get really unusual bells, you should contact those who are experts in their creation - the company Vmeste. Vmeste bells are made from high-quality porcelain, and then painted and decorated by hand.

Such bells have several important advantages that distinguish them from other memorable items:

  • Unique in its kind. They are personally made just for your couple. The Easiest Way to Save Your Wedding Memories
    You can be sure that the craftsmen have put a piece of their soul into the products especially for you!
  • Decorated with an author's floral pattern (while most other products suitable as keepsakes are mass-produced in thousands of copies and do not differ in original design).
  • Contains the initials of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. You do not need to engrave the bells, which saves you extra hassle.
  • They are a great interior decoration. They can decorate the wedding itself, and then hang it in the family home.
  • A great gift for guests.At weddings, it is customary to give small gifts to all those present. Such presents will delight all guests and will be the best memory of this day for them.
  • Incredibly romantic. Wedding bells look very gentle, and their quiet ringing is similar to the marvelous laughter of fairy fairies. If you want to leave a truly romantic wedding reminder for yourself, look no further!

Let the memories of your wedding be with you wherever you are!

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