How to organize a wedding in the style of Rapunzel
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How to organize a wedding in the style of Rapunzel

If you always dreamed of letting down your hair and marrying your very own Prince Charming, then a wedding in the style of Rapunzel might just be the perfect way to bring your childhood fantasy to life! With a tiara on your head and a bouquet in your hand, you can say "I do" in a fairytale setting that will leave your guests spellbound. Don't worry if you're not sure where to start, because we've got you covered! In this article, we'll take you through everything you need to know to create a wedding that's fit for a fairy princess.

So, let's get started!

Delicate colors

Rapunzel's favorite colors are soft pink and lilac, so you should include these shades in your wedding palette. Choose crimson tea roses in the bouquet, light purple ribbons in the decor, powdery bridesmaid dresses and pale pink envelopes for invitations. But still, do not overdo it so as not to turn the princess's elegant wedding into a Barbie doll's birthday.


Luxury floristry

It is impossible to imagine a wedding in the style of Rapunzel without a huge amount of flowers, because the beautiful princess even wove them into her hair! Bet on pink peonies, white hydrangeas and roses of all varieties and shades. A little advice: if you, like Rapunzel, adore flowers, arrange an exit registration in the botanical garden or city rose garden - this fairy tale will be remembered for a long time!



Thematic photo zone

The decor of the photo zone is a key element in preparing for the celebration. Think over everything to the smallest detail: the site must have good daylight or its imitation so that the photos do not turn out “yellow”.It should be comfortable (so that it is comfortable to pose) and, preferably, unusual. For a Rapunzel-style wedding, try making a “soft zone” with an elegant rococo sofa, arrange flower arrangements and large candles around it, and lay out pretty pillows.

Animal lovers can bring a live white horse photo booth. Of course, he will not be as charismatic as in the cartoon, but he will definitely add atmosphere to the photos.


intriguing welcome

Decorate the welcome area with flowers, ribbons, candles and drape it with a light fabric. The highlight of the design can be a long flower arrangement that imitates Rapunzel's endless braid. Here, guests will drink a glass of champagne and try cupcakes - the favorite cakes of the brave princess.


Images of the bride and groom

To create a light and airy look of the bride, choose a flowing silk dress in white, soft pink or blue-gray. Rapunzel's Wedding / 12 LOL OMG DIYs

If you have a short haircut, make a light, slightly "tousled" styling and put on a tiara - just like in the cartoon "Rapunzel: Happy Forever". And the owners of long hair can braid a romantic braid, decorating it with ribbons and flowers.

The groom can wear a traditional three-piece suit with a boutonniere to match the bride's bouquet.

Fairy tale wedding ceremony

Remember the scene where Rapunzel and Eugene are on a boat surrounded by hundreds of lanterns? Bring this romantic idea to life during the vow exchange ceremony! Pass out your prepared lanterns or candles to your guests and ask them to stand in a semi-circle to fill the entire space with flickering lights.

Well, if you can recreate a cartoon scene by having a ceremony in a boat on a lake, this magical memory will last a lifetime.



Thoughtful accessories

Use floral motifs and recognizable details from the cartoon (for example, a sun disk or lanterns) in the design of printing for a wedding in the style of Rapunzel. From materials, give preference to textured watercolor paper and silk ribbons.


Show your imagination in choosing gifts for guests. Give them sweet compliments or spark your creativity by gifting friends and loved ones your favorite books, handwritten letters or watercolor mini-paintings. Do you remember that Rapunzel loves to draw?


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