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Marine wedding

Ahoy there, mateys! If you're planning on tying the knot and want a wedding that's anything but traditional, why not say "I do" at sea? A sea wedding offers stunning scenery, a wide range of wardrobe choices, and quirky elements that are sure to make your special day unforgettable. So, get your sea legs ready and brace for an abundance of interesting details and the salty spray of the ocean.

The sea wedding adventure awaits!

Sea wedding features

The marine theme is associated with water, the sea, the beach and everything related to these phenomena. Shells, anchors, pirate chests, nets, ropes, steering wheels, figures of the inhabitants of the depths are used as decoration. The menu includes fish dishes, dishes with seaweed and seafood.

The main colors of the event are different shades of blue, cream, white. Red additions (life buoys, flags, flowers) look great.

Sea wedding looks perfect next to the water. For example, it can be held on a yacht, ship, sea or lake shore, in a coastal cafe, on the beach. But if this is not possible, then a regular restaurant will do.

Some newlyweds organize sea weddings near the pools.



There are no strict rules for the images of the bride and groom, but it is better to refrain from too formal or lush outfits. The bride can choose a simple and light dress in white or another (for example, turquoise) color, and the groom can choose a suit of a fairly free style. Suits in bright blue, white, cream, turquoise and sand colors are especially popular among grooms.

You can not wear a jacket, but limit yourself to a shirt. Or dress up the groom in a vest and captain's cap, and the bride in a blue-and-white striped dress.



In accessories, it is best to stick to the marine theme. It can be jewelry in the form of anchors or shells, a boutonniere in the form of a sea knot, “pirate” additions ... It is better to create a bridal bouquet from white and blue flowers, or you can do without them at all, using only shells, pebbles, anchors, ropes and ribbons .



Wedding decoration

A sea wedding looks very spectacular precisely due to the decor. If the celebration is held outdoors, it is decorated with arches of flowers and ribbons, wooden signs in the form of beach signs, ship lanterns, and lifebuoys. The beach can be decorated with sand sculptures.

If the holiday is planned indoors, then there are also a lot of ideas for decor. These are large and small aquariums or vases imitating them (not only algae, sand, shells, pebbles, corals, plants, but also lit candles can be placed in them), lanterns in the form of jellyfish, flowing fabrics of blue shades, similar to waves.


  Furniture and tables are richly decorated with shells, corals, crabs, starfish, pebbles, pearls. Bottles of different shapes look great (you can put messages for guests in them). Semper Fi | Marine wedding with sword ceremony | Kayley & Trent

Glasses are decorated with patterns in the form of marine life. 



Cakes at sea weddings are also very diverse. As a rule, they are multi-tiered and covered with blue or cream mastic. But the decor can be anything: imitation of sand, anchors, starfish, shells, corals, algae, flowers.

A completely different approach is a minimalistic cake in white or pastel color.



A sea wedding allows you to endlessly fantasize about the design of invitations.They can be made as simple as possible - printed on white sheets of paper, decorated with blue or cyan patterns or a border. It is good to decorate such invitations with real shells, corals, stickers in the form of seahorses or crabs, etc. You can take ordinary white postcards and cut openwork patterns in them that resemble sea foam. Some brides and grooms make invitations in the form of scrolls and place them in bottles.

You can also buy boxes in the form of sea shells and put small cards with the necessary information in them. Invitations in the form of pirate cards or ship tickets look great.



Compliments for guests

If you want to present small gifts to guests, then you can come up with a lot of cute and inexpensive options. For example, at such weddings, those present are given soap or candles in the form of shells and other inhabitants of the depths, sea salt, or simply sets of delicious food or sweets.


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