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Masters of wedding calligraphy

Looking for some wedding calligraphy inspiration? Look no further! We sat down with the absolute masters of the craft and quizzed them on everything from trends to techniques.

So get ready to swoon over some gorgeous lettering and chuckle at some calligraphy mishaps – we've got it all covered.

Vera Golosova

Each work of Vera is an exciting story about two lovers. Organizing a wedding in the forest or in the mountains? In Russia or in Italy? Do you prefer minimalism or luxury?

Be sure that her calligraphy will convey the spirit of any celebration.

Trends“At the peak of popularity are modern calligraphy, fine pen writing, minimalism, a combination of textures, experiments with form. Calligraphy is done in accordance with the concept of the wedding and the chosen decor.”

Newlyweds Tips“Don't try to cram all your ideas into one invitation. Guaranteed to be porridge. — Do not forget to allocate a separate budget for the development of wedding printing (and calligraphy). “Choose a calligrapher who already does what you like, and once you choose, trust his judgment.”

Vera and Olya Letter B

Vera and Olya, the founders of the Letter B studio, have been working with calligraphy for 9 years. For them, an individual approach to each pair is not empty words. Your story will turn into a visual image and be told on paper. It is told in such a way that you will definitely want to keep pieces of this story as a keepsake, it will be a pity to distribute everything to the guests.

However, photos of studio projects and videos of the work process speak for themselves.

Trends“One of the main trends is free calligraphy.But do not forget about the classical styles - Italian and English cursive, French ronde, Spencerian, Roman capital letters. Sometimes they are much more appropriate, although not everyone knows about their existence.

In terms of production, letterpress printing on cotton is now at the peak of popularity. The calligraphy looks great in this way of printing, and gives a special tactile sensation.”

Newlyweds Tips“There are a lot of calligraphic styles – we will worry about that. You only need to decide on the style of the celebration, we will select the appropriate handwriting and printing style. If you have references - great, no - we will find them together. We always work closely with decorators and event organizers to ensure that the menu card matches the table setting and clearly echoes the invitation that the guests received long before the event.

It's best to have at least two months left to design and then print. The more complex the production (letterpress, embossing), the more time will be required.”

Alexandra Chervinyak

Elegance and attention to detail - this is how you can describe Sasha's calligraphy. Looking at atmospheric photos, I want to order these works not only for a wedding, but also for a more or less significant event in life - it's so beautiful. Sasha has been doing calligraphy for several years and, according to her, she can no longer imagine herself outside this art.

Trends“Light ornate modern letters will only decorate your invitations and create a festive atmosphere. Wedding Envelope Calligraphy - Copperplate & modern script by Suzanne Cunningham

A classic sophisticated font can always complement any work with its smooth style, and will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.Calligraphic inscriptions can be used not only in invitations, but also in many details of the celebration, using natural materials: wood, glass, fabric, chalk boards, shells, etc. »

Newlyweds Tips“Each work is done in a single copy, and is developed taking into account the style of your wedding, colors and wishes. Whatever style you choose, I'm ready to beautifully embody it in your calligraphy or invitation kit. Show your individuality in creating a holiday, do what is close and you like it!”

Nadezhda Kholopova

Incredible lightness is present in every calligraphic work of Nadia. Luxurious dark invitations with gold tie or minimalistic ones on handmade natural paper? Over the course of 1.5 years, Nadia has created many different projects, but behind each of them is her special airy style of calligraphy.

Trends“Now everyone loves gold: gold paper, ink, or at least gold sealing wax: almost every order contains gold, and sometimes there is a lot of gold. And, of course, the famous fine art style spread not only to photography, but also completely captured calligraphy. Light colors, often in shades of grey, light casual modern calligraphy, monograms and torn edges of natural handmade paper are very popular.”

Newlyweds Tips“The main thing is to think about wedding calligraphy and the concept of a wedding as early as possible. Often, it is impossible to implement some idea due to tight deadlines. Wedding invitations reflect the idea of ​​the holiday long before the celebration itself, and at the time of creating the invitations, it is already important to represent the style of your wedding.When working with the master, try to answer clarifying questions as quickly as possible so that we have time for calm, thoughtful work.

And, most importantly, after the approval of the materials, there is no need to make changes at the last moment - it is usually impossible to fix everything at this stage.

Photos provided by the masters.

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