Minimalism in wedding decor 2023
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Minimalism in wedding decor 2023

Are you planning your wedding for 2023? Well, brace yourselves folks, because the wedding decor trends are in! And guess what? They say that simplicity is key.

Yup, you read that right. Less is more! So put those extravagant decor plans on hold and hear us out.

We are talking about a concise color palette, minimal design elements, and natural lighting. intrigued? Read on to find out more.

We already mentioned minimalism in wedding decor in our 2023 trends article. What does minimalism look like this year? This is not a sterile white holiday.

Wedding decor 2023 - the predominance of one or two colors, textures and design elements, clear lines, wood or other natural materials. There is a catch in such a wedding decor - with the wrong approach, it looks like you decided to save money.

We tell you how to avoid this.

Limit your color palette

Choose one or two colors that will be present in all decor elements or, conversely, act as bright accents. It is not necessary to give preference to white or pastel shades, the color can be saturated, provided that the rest is neutral. Choose a place for a ceremony or a banquet so that its design needs to be slightly supplemented with the help of a wedding decoration.

Select the main design element.

Stylish minimalism is distinguished not by the absence of design, but by the limitation of one main element. The principle is simple - let the same geometric figure, flower or candles be repeated in the wedding decor. No one will accuse you of excessiveness if you decorate the tables only with lush bouquets of white peonies or make them shine with hundreds of flickering candles.

Only candles.

Leave the tables neutral.

A wedding feast in our country involves so many dishes that luxurious floristry only interferes with guests. Put in small compositions or do without them. Keep the tablecloths neutral and solid (but with an interesting texture), and if you are lucky enough to find a place with beautiful wooden tables, they are not needed at all.

If the chairs look interesting, then it is not necessary to decorate them.

Organize natural lighting.

There are many restrictions at this point - from the wedding season (it gets dark early in winter) to the start time of the celebration. Still, try to make sure that most of the day the place of the holiday is illuminated by natural daylight. Wedding decor 2023 does not tolerate all-electric lighting.

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Make sure minimalism is everywhere.

In other words, if the design of the wedding is minimalistic, and the bride comes out in a luxurious dress with countless details, then there is some discrepancy. Let minimalism be traced in the bride's dress, in the wedding cake and everything else.


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