Online wedding — how to organize and hold?
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Online wedding — how to organize and hold?

Ah, COVID-19, the party pooper of 2020. It's safe to say that the pandemic has ruined more weddings than an overzealous ex-partner. But fear not, lovebirds, because the internet has come to the rescue! Online weddings are here to save the day, but how exactly do you plan one? From choosing the right platform to feeding your guests, we've got you covered.

So, grab a glass of bubbly and get ready to say "I do" to our guide on how to organize and hold an online wedding.

How is the online wedding going?

Honeymooners and guests connect to a pre-created event on the remote conferencing platform. The event has a host - he leads the guests according to a program agreed in advance with the young, monitors the sequence of congratulations, arranges competitions. The presenter also acts as a moderator, making sure that no one disappears, and that guests turn on microphones when they speak.

The optimal duration of such a wedding is no more than three hours, do not forget that the guests are sitting in front of the screens, and you get tired of this.

What technical features are important to know?

To organize an online wedding, you will need access to a platform for remote conferences with the ability to video call and connect a large number of participants.

Zoom copes well with this task - up to a thousand people can attend the event, and the quality of communication is quite high. The free plan allows you to use Zoom for 40 minutes without interruption, after which guests will have to reconnect. This is inconvenient, so we would advise a paid rate ($15 for an event up to 100 guests).

Make sure each guest has a microphone and camera (already built into laptops and smartphones).If someone does not have the ability to transfer video, it's a shame, but not critical - they will still see everything that happens at the event.

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How to invite guests to an online wedding?

We offer two options to choose from:

  1. An electronic invitation that you send by e-mail or in a messenger.
  2. Add invitees to the chat in the messenger, informing them about the upcoming event.

In each of the options, include information about the day and time of the event, its duration, and a link to the conference (or say that you will send it on the right day). Also include a dress code if one is planned.

What to feed guests?

"But what about the banquet?" you ask and you will be right. A wedding without a treat in our country is not a wedding at all. Therefore, food delivery from a good cafe in their city is organized for guests.

To do this, you need to agree in advance with the cafe on the delivery of a large number of orders, providing them with a list of addresses and the number of people at each address. It is better to order snacks and food that either does not need to be reheated, or that which will not suffer after heating in the microwave - after all, the delivery will deliver the cooked food all day. If guests need props, you can also order them to the address of the cafe (by notifying the cafe in advance and paying for the props before delivery) and provide the manager with another list - what and to what address to take along with the food.

In the same way, you can arrange the delivery of a wedding cake if you order it separately from the main menu. More precisely - wedding mini-cakes or cakes for each of the guests.


How to dress young and guests?

Have you bought your wedding dress and groom's suit yet? An online wedding is no worse than a regular one - dress smartly, do makeup and hair.Everything should be the same as you would do for an offline event, only instead of a stylist you will do your own way. If a stylist has already been selected, invite them to help with advice via video call during the gathering.

Guests should also dress up and comb their hair, stretched sweatpants and a favorite T-shirt with cats are best left for the next day.

How to make an entertainment program?

You need a presenter, he is also a moderator, who will do his job almost the same as he would do it at a traditional celebration.

Entertainment for an online wedding is chosen the same as usual, but adjusted due to the features of the event:

  • Congratulations to the young guests will pronounce as planned. Unfortunately, until they hug and kiss you, but this can be postponed until the meeting in person.
  • First dance you will dance to the song chosen for this, and the guests will join you at home.
  • Contests and interactive should be for everyone to have fun. For example, a simple guest poll can be turned into an auction where guests raise their hand before turning on the microphone. Or arrange a game among the guests - who will quickly find a given item in their house.
  • DJ or cover band set the mood! If the budget allows, you can invite your favorite star - now they are sitting at home and will gladly give a small concert. For example, this is how the guests congratulated the couple by inviting the singer Ellie Goulding
Online Wedding RSVPs- How to Set-up, Organize, and be Clear

Here is an approximate program of the event, which you can change at your discretion:

  1. Welcoming guests by young and leading, a story about what will happen.
  2. Congratulations from parents
  3. First dance with a flash mob for guests
  4. "Banquet" and congratulations of guests, in between interactive activities and competitions
  5. Creative performances by guests (up to 3 minutes per guest)
  6. Performance by a cover band or dj
  7. Bengal lights at the end of the evening (which you will bring to guests along with food)

Rules of conduct at an online wedding

There are not so many rules, but they are. We suggest that you familiarize your guests with them in advance:

  1. Respect each other and remember that in front of the camera you can’t say or do anything that you won’t say or do in real life.
  2. Do not interrupt each other and do not speak to everyone together (this is what a moderator is for).
  3. Remember that other people can walk behind your back and scratch / cough / make other sounds that do not belong at the holiday. Follow it!


How to make a photo session?

During the event, you can take screenshots, but it’s better to arrange a remote photo session with the photographer via video link before or after it (yes, this is also possible!) Just find a suitable place for this in the apartment, where there will be nothing of what you are in the background do not want to see in the photos.

What to give the bride and groom if you are a guest?

You can buy something in the online store and order home delivery to the bride and groom, but it's better to just transfer money to them on the card.

We hope you understand that organizing an online wedding is quite realistic, it will be fun and easy for you and your guests, and if you wish, you will also get beautiful photos in wedding dresses!

Title photo: James Isbell

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