Provence style wedding
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Provence style wedding

Are you a fan of rustic charm, vintage flair, and French cuisine? Well, do we have an irresistible treat for you! Introducing "Wedding in Provence style" - a delightful blend of natural beauty, rural elegance, and French traditions that will leave you swooning.

This wedding theme has it all - from quaint outdoor settings to quaint details like lavender fields and wineries, creating a perfect atmosphere for any couple looking to tie the knot with a bit of panache. So come along and discover what makes a "Wedding in Provence style" so special!

Images of the bride and groom

The images of the bride and groom should be as simple and natural as possible. At such a wedding, complex hairstyles, an abundance of decor on dresses, or fancy clothes will not be appropriate. The bride should prefer a dress of a simple silhouette, made of natural fabric. No need for corsets, trains, tight outfits. Let the dress be flying, airy, tender.

From the decor, lace, veil, elegant jewelry made of precious metals with natural stones are welcome. It is better to choose shoes that are comfortable, with low heels - cute shoes or sandals that are not overloaded with decor will do. The hairstyle is uncomplicated: loose or gathered hair, possibly with elements of weaving.


It is also recommended for the groom to choose a simple suit made of natural fabric, with a “tinge” of retro, but not too strict. Colors can be any, but restrained, pastel. As accessories, a hat, a tie or a lavender-colored neckerchief, an original belt, and suspenders are used.


The bride's bouquet

A Provence-style wedding is a reason to choose a bridal bouquet that matches the style of the celebration. It should be fairly simple.As a rule, it includes sprigs of lavender, cereals, dried flowers, wild flowers and even Provence herbs. Peonies, hydrangeas, anemones, violets, pansies are well suited to create a bouquet.

It can be tied with a pastel ribbon.



Wedding decoration

A Provence-style wedding involves an abundance of living plants, the main of which is lavender. Roses, peonies, ranunculi, lilacs, hydrangeas, bunches of dry herbs, olive branches are also suitable. An Intimate Feast - micro destination wedding in Provence at a stunning Château shot by Pascal Délé

Plants can be put in glass or clay vases in the form of pots, bottles, jars.

Also, a Provence-style wedding is decorated with flower garlands and arches.


The colors of the celebration are various shades of lilac, pink and blue. Cream, milky, sandy, terracotta, pale orange, yellow, green and gray tones are also used. All colors should be pastel, muted.



The site can be decorated with wicker furniture, antique items (chests, candlesticks, bird cages, wine boxes, dishes). Tables are decorated with tablecloths made of natural fabrics, handmade napkins, jars of honey (preferably lavender).



Provence style wedding kitchen

It is recommended to treat guests with traditional Provencal dishes: a variety of cheeses, stews, shepherd's pies, cream soups, pates, delicious salads, snails, pasta cookies. Baguettes and fragrant French wines of different shades (red, white, rose) must be present on the table. Dishes are recommended to be seasoned and decorated with Provence herbs.

It is better to choose a cake with cottage cheese or cheese cream, in lilac shades and / or decorated with lavender flowers.



Ideas for a photo shoot

A Provence-style wedding is almost equal to photos in a lavender field.However, if the celebration is held in our latitudes, it is difficult to find it. Therefore, a photo session can be organized in a meadow, in a flowering garden, in a park, in vintage interiors.


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