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Purple wedding — 7 combinations

Getting married soon? You might want to consider jumping on the trend wagon with us and have a purple wedding! Purple can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your big day, but if you're not sure what colors and materials go well with it, don't worry. We've got you covered! In this article, we'll give you some tips and tricks to make sure your purple wedding looks extravagant and unforgettable.

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How do brides look for shades for their wedding? Someone chooses their favorite colors, someone is based on the design of the site, and someone opens articles about the latest trends and looks for the most fashionable tone - this year it has become a rich purple. The color is deep, mystical, unusual and… very complex.

Figuring out what shades to combine it with so that a wedding in purple looks not only fashionable, but also noble is not an easy task. But we solved it and picked up 7 wonderful color schemes for you.

Purple wedding basics

A few words about the materials with which the color of the year is combined - wood, marble and metal. You can, for example, not cover a textured wooden table with a tablecloth, but place the dishes directly on it, placing purple napkins next to it.

If in doubt that you do not overdo it with purple, use it only as accents. Suitable examples are bridesmaid shoes, single flowers in arrangements, chair upholstery, banquet plates or even purple lighting.

Those who are self-confident can not be shy - large purple "spots" at the wedding can look luxurious, for example, the presidium of the newlyweds with a background behind or a photo zone.

Purple and turquoise

Bright turquoise will dilute the wedding in purple, make it fresh.Do not forget: the more intense it is, the less it should be on the site. The fact is that such colors attract attention and if there is too much turquoise, the holiday will look clumsy. It is better to choose purple and turquoise accents, and let the main shade be neutral.

You can also “shade” with these colors the main material of the wedding, for example, wood.


shades of purple

There must be a lot of favorite colors! If you want a wedding in purple without adding other tones, you can make it stylish too. Collect a palette of 4-5 shades of the same color, from light to dark.

It is easier not to make a mistake if they are of the same warmth - all cold (with a blue undertone, as if dusted) or warm (with a red undertone).


Purple and pink

Juicy and bright combination of colors similar to a lollipop:

Purple and blue

Our favorite combination because of how noble it looks. Feel free to make blue the main color of the celebration and add purple accents. 10 Purple Combo Ideas Just For You | BalsaCircle.com

The dusty shades of these colors look more harmonious together.

Purple, orange and yellow

This combination is for energetic and cheerful couples. Orange and yellow contrast with purple, emphasizing its brightness and saturation.


Purple and beige

A wedding in purple can look extremely elegant if you make the calm beige the main color. It will muffle the purple, but it will not outshine it. Watch for the same warmth of both shades - they should be cold or warm.

In a situation where one is cold and the other is warm, their combination will be inharmonious.

purple and green

This combination is ideal for summer, because it resembles a green flower bed.A fresh union of two colors will tell about the breath of a light breeze and create a feeling of coolness. Choose muted shades if you want them to be pleasing to the eye together.

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