Red wedding decor
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Red wedding decor

Welcome to the world of weddings, where every detail has to be picture-perfect. And what better way to make a statement than with the bold and beautiful design of the red wedding? This color has always been associated with passion, love, and excitement, and now, it's taking over the wedding scene with its irresistible charm.

So, let's dive into this vibrant hue and explore how it can make your special day all the more memorable.

shades of red wedding

The design of a red wedding implies the presence of a red base color, which can be complemented by other shades. Complementary colors will help highlight the base color, make it brighter or, on the contrary, slightly muffle it.

Red has many shades, so you can definitely find the perfect red for your wedding: garnet, scarlet, red wine, reddish brown and more.

Hall decoration

The design of a red wedding, invitations, images of the newlyweds, everything should be combined and in harmony with each other. Therefore, when decorating a banquet hall, be attentive to the details.

Decorate your celebration with scarlet flowers. What is a wedding without them? They can be placed on tables in elegant vases or decorate chairs.

Flowers can also be used to decorate an outdor ceremony. The arch of red buds looks inimitable. Make a garland of flowers or arrange them in large vases on the floor.

Use red bows to decorate the hall (they can decorate chairs), translucent fabrics. From a similar material, you can make an original canopy, supplementing it with flowers.

Use various decorative elements in the design. Clusters of mountain ash, located in small transparent vases, look original and unusual.Of course, this option is not suitable for everyone and only at certain times of the year, however, you can easily replace them with fruits and vegetables by placing them on unusual coasters.

The image of the bride

The design of a red wedding assumes the presence of a red tone as the base, however, the picture will not be complete without a harmonious image of the newlyweds. The bride's dress can be anything, it all depends on the theme and season. But, in any case, the presence of red accessories is a must.

So a snow-white outfit can be supplemented with red shoes or a belt. How about scarlet lipstick? For more daring brides, designers have come up with red dresses. However, not everyone decides to take such a step.


A red tie or bow tie, suspenders or scarlet boots will perfectly complement his look.


Making a red wedding is a rather difficult process that requires special attention to detail. After all, they help make the holiday complete and eventful. The same rule applies to invitation cards. Depending on the theme of the wedding, you can choose any combination of colors and shapes. So, for example, for a classic wedding, white invitations are often chosen, complemented by a scarlet ribbon.

For more daring natures, bright invitations made entirely in red are suitable.

Whatever background you choose, don't forget the traditional postcard embellishments. Scarlet bows, the initials of the newlyweds, red flowers, various decorative patterns and designs.

You can choose the initials of the newlyweds, the main text of the invitation and additional inscriptions in calligraphic design.So your invitation will become unique, because especially for you, calligraphers will create a unique work of art that reflects your character and mood.

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