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Rustic wedding guide

Congratulations on getting hitched! Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, but deciding on a theme can make things a lot easier. If you're drawn to the charm of nature, and you're dreaming of a wedding that celebrates simplicity, then a rustic wedding might just be perfect for you.

But what exactly does rustic mean? And how do you create a wedding that's effortlessly chic, not just shabby? Worry not , lovebirds!

We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide to all things rustic – from decor ideas to dress codes, we've put together everything you need to know to pull off the most beautiful, down-home wedding. So, grab a cup of coffee and let's get started!

What is a rustic wedding?

She has two key features:

  1. Strong influence of nature and country lifestyle. Imagine a village, a farm, a forest, lakes - it's all rustic.
  2. Relaxation and romance. A holiday in this style is simple and cozy, young people and guests feel free. Leave tension, pomposity and sleekness to another couple.

There are no extra people at such a celebration, only relatives, so rustic is also suitable for those who arrange a chamber wedding.

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Place for a wedding

The best option is a holiday in nature. It can be a restaurant with a separate gazebo, a country hotel, a farm, a barn, or even a summer cottage. If you have to choose a room, let it be a restaurant with an interior made of natural materials: wood and stone.

Gilding, vignettes and pomposity in the design will not work.

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Design approach

Rustic wedding decor highlights the beauty of the natural surroundings and creates a cozy atmosphere.This requires materials such as wood, stone, cork, twine, moss, cotton, linen and burlap. Colors should be neutral and slightly muted: beige, brown, green, gray.

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Look for simple and concise solutions, do not be smart. For example, replace flower vases with wooden boxes, exquisite floristry with twigs and wild flowers, and instead of designer dishes, collect cups from grandmother's sets. For a photo zone, organize a cozy corner with family photos and easy chairs.

Often, brides worry that the decor is not completely rustic and other elements slip through it. We advise you not to worry about this, because what you think is imperfection actually makes your holiday different from others.

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Images of the young

How to dress in order to feel confident and relaxed, so dress. The groom can wear a vest or wear trousers with suspenders. If you want to look more formal, a suit will help out, but not black, but in muted shades of the wedding.

It is permissible to refuse a tie by replacing it with a bow tie or leave a tie by choosing an unusual pattern.

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The bride should find a light dress that does not restrict movement. If the holiday is in nature, keep in mind that too long an outfit will collect all the twigs and blades of grass from the ground. Keep your hair and makeup natural and don't look like you're going to a party.


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Menu Features

Guests at such a holiday are fed tasty and satisfying.Put grilled chicken, barbecue, fragrant potatoes, fresh vegetable salads, homemade bread and even farm cheeses on the table. For drinks, serve lemonade, compotes, fruit drinks, cider, house wine and craft beer.

The design of the cake should be concise, without pretentious decorations. The Ultimate Guide to Rustic Barn Wedding Decor Ideas ����

As for its taste, we do not agree with most wedding sites that advise to take a simple cake with cream and fruit. The taste should depend only on your preferences, and not on the style of the wedding. Do you want chocolate or passion fruit in the filling? Please!

You can even replace the cake with fruit pies or apple pies and other toppings.



If you like to create little things with your own hands, you have room for imagination. Rustic wedding invitations can be made from any materials you like, although it is better that they are natural. For example, why not write the text on a board or a piece of birch bark?

Make gifts for guests yourself too: jam cooked by you and packed in nice jars, homemade cookies, craft soap - there are dozens of options!

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Rustic wedding guests

The bride and groom dress lightly and comfortably? Let their guests look the same. No evening dresses and tuxedos, but at the same time, the dress code must be respected.

Dressing invited is at least comfortable, but elegant, so it is better to put jeans aside.

Photo session of the bride and groom

Even if it was not possible to arrange a holiday outdoors, take a photo session in nature. Any place you like is suitable for this: a meadow, a field, a forest, a river bank or even village streets. With such an environment, props are not needed, but if you really want to, choose a modern one.Some advise picking up details in a rustic theme (sheaves, carts), but we are sure that this way you will turn into mummers.

Better sit on a sofa in the middle of a field or ride along a country road on scooters.


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