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Sand ceremony at the wedding
Getting married is a big moment in anyone's life, filled with love, joy, and a whole lot of planning! There are endless decisions to make when it comes to choosing the perfect day, the ideal location, and what flowers to include in your bouquet. But what if we told you there was another sweet way to add some sentimentality to your ceremony?

Introducing the sand ceremony —a stunning Hawaiian tradition that will make your wedding day even more unique and romantic. Let's dive into what the sand ceremony is all about and how you can incorporate it into your special day.

Historical reference

In Hawaii, it has long been customary to unite the hearts of newlyweds by the waters of the ocean. The islands are rich in multi-colored sand of volcanic origin. Therefore, the sand ceremony has become an integral part of the holiday.

At the beginning of the last century, tourists from America often married in Hawaii. It became fashionable, as did the local sand ceremony, which was taken to the United States and quickly spread there.

Today this tradition is used in many countries of the world. In Russia, it is not yet very popular, and you can help spread it.

What does it look like?

The sand ceremony at the wedding personifies the unity of the souls of the bride and groom, the transformation of two people into one. The newlyweds hold vessels with sand, each of his own color. The presenter heartfeltly reads a beautiful text, and the newlyweds begin to pour sand from their containers into one common one.

A nice pattern is formed in the vessel. It will be more distinct and intricate if you make layers of sand alternately. However, you can pour it at the same time - this makes the ceremony more touching.Then the vessel is sealed and kept as a family heirloom, a symbol of family happiness.

The container must be transported with extreme care, in no case  should it be shaken. Otherwise, the pattern may fall apart.


The newlyweds choose the shades of sand at their discretion. You can focus on your favorite colors or "listen" to the interpretation of tones. So, red means love, white - new, green - wealth, blue - confidence, yellow - warmth and comfort, purple - romance, blue - dreams, orange - joy.



What is required for an organization?

The sand ceremony is quite simple to prepare, but must be thoughtful. It will need the following attributes:

  • Separate table. On it you can conveniently arrange all the necessary items and hold the ceremony itself.
  • Multicolored sand. The bride and groom can choose one color at a time, or place sand containers in many different shades on the table. Then each of the newlyweds will have several "own" tones of sand.
  • "Personal" containers. These are vessels from which the newlyweds will pour sand into a common container. They are beautiful glasses, narrow vases or trays with spouts.
  • General vessel. The main thing is that it should be beautiful and transparent. Sand Ceremony Wedding Ritual - Complete With Wording!
    The neck can be anything: narrow or wide. If it is narrow, then you need a funnel. Otherwise, the sand will spill out during the ceremony. With a wide neck, you can do without a funnel.
  • Cork. She seals the vessel after the ceremony. Any will do, but it is important that it fits snugly to the neck.

All of the above items are easy to find. It is quite possible to choose a table on your own, maybe you even have a suitable one at home.And all other attributes are sold in specialized stores selling wedding accessories. Often, everything you need is offered immediately as a set, so as not to buy separately.

We also need a master of ceremonies. His role is usually taken by the wedding host or eloquent guest. Or it is quite possible to compose it yourself, if you know how to express your thoughts beautifully.

The sand ceremony at a wedding is a very beautiful tradition that will be appropriate for a celebration in almost any style.

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