The best ideas for a summer wedding photo shoot
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The best ideas for a summer wedding photo shoot

Ah, summer weddings. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and love is in the air. And what better way to capture those warm, fuzzy feelings than with a beautiful wedding photo shoot?

Whether you're strolling through the city, frolicking in a field, or wading in the sea, we've got you covered. We've gathered the best ideas for your perfect summer wedding photo shoot, so all you have to do is choose the ones that make your heart skip a beat. Get ready to strike a pose and say, "cheese!"

Tips for a successful summer wedding photo shoot

  1. At this time of the year it is better to take pictures in nature, but in the city you will get great shots., if you approach the matter with imagination. In any case, leave the room, do not do it within four walls.
  2. Think of a plan B in case of bad weather. You may be threatened with inferno and closeness or heavy rain. Decide in advance where you will go with the photographer if you have to.
  3. Think over the images – will you be photographed in the main wedding dress or will you wear a separate one specially for the photo shoot? Should the groom dress up? Do you have nice umbrellas in case it rains?
  4. Enjoy the famous "golden hour" with a soft pouring light that comes around 5 pm. In addition, sunrise or sunset will suit you, especially at sea. If the sun is shining brightly, then taking pictures at the wrong time (for example, at noon) will not flatter you. Checked.

Zoe Steindl

Ideas for a photo shoot in the city

If you want nature even within the city, look for a park, a botanical garden, or a small artificial reservoir. For interesting photos, have a picnic, feed the birds and squirrels, play games (badminton, jenga, petanque) and lie on the grass.

Take a fresh look at familiar city buildings and landmarks – which ones will look different in photos? Is it possible that for a wedding photo shoot in the summer it is worth looking at them from a different angle, going in from a new angle, or just getting closer to see the barely noticeable details?

Rachel Photographs

Le Secret d Audrey

Take a stroll through the streets of the city, choosing the most picturesque ones. It is better to do this early in the morning so that there are no strangers in the frame. Hold hands, sing, dance, kiss, enjoy this day!

Pose for the photographer against the backdrop of the shop windows and walls you like, stroke the cats passing by, drink coffee and eat ice cream.

Carina Skrobecki

Stop at a cafe with cute tables and chairs outside. Relax and, of course, pose. Order coffee in photogenic coffee cups or an appetizing-looking dessert - it will serve as a good prop.

Greg Finck

Nastia Vesna

Transport can also be considered a prop, so if you have the opportunity to use it, do not miss it. When entering an old tram, take a photo on the footboard or inside. Ride around the city on a moped or bike.

Even a scooter with a gyro scooter will enliven the photos.

An unusual place for photographs will be an abandoned area of ​​the city - such buildings and unused railway lines often look picturesque. But keep in mind that these places are not always safe. In addition, it is often dirty there, take care of your clothes.

Couple of Prague


The most romantic idea for a summer wedding photo shoot in your city is the roof at sunset. You two, the setting sun and a breathtaking view of the city. Check which rooftops you can go to and take escorts who know them.


Ideas for a photo shoot in nature

The obvious choice is what nature itself offers. In the forest, magical photographs are obtained if the light falls correctly. Take a walk in the forest, pick mushrooms and berries, sit on fallen trees.

JBM Weddings

The shore of a river or lake is usually spectacular in itself, you do not need additional props. If you wish, you can find a boat and even decorate it. Don't forget to take pictures of your reflections in the water.


The idea for a wedding photo shoot in the summer is a field with flowers or wheat. Here you can put and decorate a small table or do without it.

Megan Robinson

pinterest pre wedding photoshoot ideas ||THE TRENDY BOY

When organizing a wedding in nature, choose a site where you can spend part of the photo session. Well, if there is a well-groomed clearing, a gazebo, landscape design or a small artificial lake. The garden on the site or next to it should also attract attention and encourage you to go into it for a couple of bright photos in which you pick apples in a wicker basket or admire scarlet roses.

Many couples use rural themes, arranging a photo shoot on the village streets or on the farm. Be careful not to overdo it with realism. Photos at the haystack will look spectacular, and a bride pretending to be a milkmaid or climbing into a cart in boots is too much.

Autumn Nicole Photography

Another idea for a summer wedding photo shoot is to bring in pets. If you have a pet dog or cat, take them with you. Or perhaps there is a stable with horses near you?

Dreamers & Lovers/ Christine Ta


Ideas for a photo shoot on the sea

Are you going to a wedding in warm countries and plan to take a walk there with a photographer? Make sure that in the end you get not only standard shots on the beach at the edge of the surf, but something more interesting. A few ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer, breaking out of the usual sea-sand pattern:

  • on or under a boardwalk
  • by fallen trees
  • next to a pile of boulders
  • on a motorboat or yacht
  • on decent looking sunbeds and umbrellas
  • underwater photo session

Chelsea Erwin Photography

San Diego

Think over the clothes too - the bride in a magnificent wedding dress and the groom in a black suit look ridiculous in a tropical climate under palm trees, it hurts to look at them. For yourself, choose a light, light-colored outfit that is appropriate for the sea, and for the groom, choose cotton or linen trousers with a shirt. Take a set of beautiful swimsuits/swimsuits to take photos in them.

Summer photo shoot props

With the right place and well-thought-out images, there is no need for props. But if you feel like it, think about food—cups of coffee, photogenic cakes, ice cream, lemonade in misted glasses. Accessories that help you keep your hands busy and relax if you get nervous are also suitable - soap bubbles, flowers, balloons, colorful crayons, colored smoke or even Holi colors.

Cool sunglasses will decorate more than one shot, and a big hat will become a hit of the shooting. And don't forget matching umbrellas in case it rains!

Olivia the wolf

Cover photo of Megan Robinson.

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