The best wedding ideas for two
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The best wedding ideas for two

Ah, a romantic getaway with just you and your sweetheart to celebrate your new union. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it? But when it comes to organizing the perfect mini-holiday for two, things can get a little tricky.

Fear not though, our team has compiled some great wedding ideas for two and top tips on how to make your romantic getaway unforgettable. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let's dive into the world of intimate wedding holidays.

The best wedding ideas for two

  • Take a trip by going to another city or country. Create dream images and take a walk through the most beautiful places by calling a photographer who lives in this city - because he knows photogenic locations. For inspiration, read the story of Natasha and Sasha, who had a movie-like day in Paris.
  • An unusual wedding idea for two - if the holiday is in your hometown, ask your friends or organizers to prepare a quest for your favorite and significant places. So you will have an exciting day without leaving anywhere. Caca Santoro for Max + Friends
  • Have a date day by doing something you love or dream of doing (for example, fly in a hot air balloon, spend a day together in a spa, or ride a segway)
  • Do not want to be limited only to the registry office? Have an on-site registration in an important place with an attractive view to get interesting shots.
  • Dine in a chic restaurant just for two - many have rooms where there will be no one but you, delicious dishes and the highest service.
  • Rent a suite in a country hotel and spend the day there with check-in in a picturesque location, nature walks with a photographer, dinner on a specially decorated veranda and spending the evening in a luxurious room.
  • Invite a musician who will sing serenades only for you and the groom - it's insanely romantic!
  • A bold wedding idea for two - arrange an extreme holiday by skydiving, skiing or wakeboarding.

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Tips for organizing a wedding for two

  1. Despite the fact that only you and your fiancé will be on this holiday, continue to perceive it as the main day of creating your family. Do not try to shrink, thinking: “it will go like that”, “there will still be no one there, why spend money”! You should feel good, you should feel like the main characters on this day, not extras. Do not save on a dream dress and a good suit, a restaurant, registration of a place of registration.
  2. Do not do your hair and make-up by yourself, let everything be done by top-notch professionals. The same goes for the image of the groom - the suit should fit perfectly, the haircut should be fresh, and the beard should be corrected by the barber.

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  3. Whatever wedding idea you choose for two, a good photographer is a must. It will create photos that will stay with you for a lifetime.
  4. If relatives and friends are offended that you do not invite them to the celebration and want to celebrate the event, make a separate day by arranging a chamber wedding and inviting people dear to you to the restaurant.
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