Wedding 2023 — ideas that no one had
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Wedding 2023 — ideas that no one had

Wedding season is kicking off, and we're all ready to see some innovative ideas to spice up the otherwise typical celebrations. But let's face it, we've all seen our fair share of extravagant floral arrangements, and matching bridesmaid dresses. That's why we've compiled a list of 25 fresh and fascinating ideas for your 2021 wedding that will leave your guests wondering, "Where on earth did they come up with this?" From gorgeous giant crystals to delectable island cakes, keep reading to discover some never-before-seen wedding inspiration.

Every year we review hundreds of culture and wedding sites from all over the world to bring you the best. In recent months, the team has been collecting all the newest and most interesting things in order to present fresh wedding 2023 ideas today!

1. Chamber weddings are experiencing a real boom, largely due to the epidemic that has captured the planet. If you have not considered such an approach to the holiday for yourself, we suggest you think about it, because this is the most comfortable and sincere format.

2. The "extreme" version of a chamber celebration - a wedding for two - already raises much fewer questions from others than before. If you do not understand how such a holiday should be, we suggest reading our guide to weddings for two.

3. Eco-style weddings are becoming more popular! If you want to be on trend, consider potted flowers instead of cut, reusable coffee mugs as guest gifts and e-invitations that no tree has to suffer to make.

4. More and more brides prefer to organize a celebration on their own in order to better experience the preparation process and save money.Join them, it's not hard! Well, in order to understand where to run and what to do, order the Bride's Assistant, which contains a step-by-step plan for preparing for the wedding, there is a detailed guide for brides and useful files that will help you correctly allocate the budget, take into account the wishes of the guests and calculate the correct amount of alcohol.

Wedding decoration

5. Unusual idea for a 2023 wedding - replace the floral arch for registration with original stone installations, in the center of which you will stand with the groom. Nobody has done this yet!

Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman

6. Do you want not only the natural landscape behind your back? Create a registration area or photo booth with an oil-painted sea backdrop so lifelike you want to dive headfirst into it:

Eva Wolf

Eva Wolf

7. We almost never saw crystals in the registration area, be one of the first. Looks incredible! If you look closely, you will notice that film is used here instead of glass, so the implementation of the idea will turn out to be quite budgetary.

Norwood Photography

8. Why not decorate the trees with colorful butterflies for an outdoor wedding? There are live tropical butterflies in the photo, but no one bothers to repeat this trick with the decorator.

Kelvin Hudson

9. Try to replace (or supplement) the usual roses and peonies with wild flowers, it looks gentle and unhackneyed:

Margherita Calati/A Thing Like That

10. Think about combinations that are hard to imagine. How could anyone know that pampas grass would be combined with ... macrame? Hardly!

But it turned out to be a bombshell.

Suli Photography

eleven.This fabulous flower installation was created for a wedding in Indonesia, taking into account the traditions of the country, but it turned out so subtle and elegant that you can repeat it anywhere:

Katie Grant

12. Until recently, transparent chairs were at the height of fashion, but if you want to be in trend now, pay attention to a fresh idea for a wedding in 2023 - chairs with openwork backs.

Lara Hotz Photography

The image of the bride

13. What if you spill something on your outfit or just want to look fresher in the afternoon? You don't have to worry about this if you choose a reversible wedding dress. Turn it inside out (which doesn't look like it's inside out at all) and continue the celebration:

Trish Peng

14. If the idea above does not seem attractive, look at dresses with large and noticeable bows.

Viktor & Rolf

15. Are you afraid that with a veil you will look too conservative? It depends on the veil, because you can choose a design with decorations or an unusual texture:

Jemma Keech / Elizabeth Messina

16. Let wild flowers appear not only in the decor, but also in the bride's bouquet - so it will immediately become touching and romantic.

A Think Like That

17. Perhaps we will wear masks for a long time. The bride should not flaunt in an ordinary medical mask from the nearest pharmacy. Replace it with a cute alternative.

Wedding Gifts Ideas | Gift To All

The image of the groom

18. An outstanding idea for a wedding in 2023 is an engagement ring for the groom. We are used to the fact that only the bride wears such a ring after the engagement, but why is her beloved worse?

19. Replace a blue or black suit with a colored one:

Sam Rae MUA Photo

20. For those who think the previous solution is too bold, there is another option - the original lining. Here you can turn around as you like!

Margherita Calati

Wedding cake at the wedding 2023

21.Incredible island cakes are even a pity to eat, they are so good. The guests have definitely never seen such a thing (and it’s not a fact that they will see it).

Dolnyk Bakery

Paladarte Bakery

22. Replace a large cake with small ones designed for one person. So everyone will have their own mini-cake:

Love Her Photography

Accessories and gifts for guests

23. Ring cushions seem old-fashioned, but there is nothing interesting among the caskets? We show you a fresh idea for a 2023 wedding - nautical ring stands. The coasters are made using epoxy resin, so the waves are translucent and look like real ones.

Just imagine how the photos will turn out!

Salt+Shimmer Artistry

24. Give guests a cookie that looks like a work of art:

Cakeology / Tiny Tudor Cookies

25. Hand out jars of soap bubbles instead of petals to the guests and ask them to use them after the ceremony. Don't do this if you have big plans for the dress after the wedding - some blister fluids leave marks on the fabric. wedding 2021 ideas that no one had 23

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