Wedding Cake 2023 — 7 Top Trends
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Wedding Cake 2023 — 7 Top Trends

Planning a wedding can be exciting, but let's be honest, the most exciting part is always the cake. And we've just stumbled upon the most jaw-dropping, drool-worthy wedding cake of 2023. This isn't just any old cake; it's a work of art with golden details, cream flowers, and even entire installations.

Get your forks ready, folks, because we're about to take a delicious journey through the most amazing wedding cake of the year.

Why are you looking forward to your wedding? It is clear that you will finally start a family with your loved one, but why else? Will you shine in a chic dress? Surprise your guests with a hall full of flowers?

Do you dance the first dance? But someone is waiting for the holiday to eat the cake! We are not responsible for the taste, but we know how to make it beautiful and fashionable, so we are talking about the main wedding cakes in 2023.

Plain White Cake

The fashion for such cakes arose a year ago, but is not going to leave yet. The white smooth cake is versatile and looks chic on its own or with decorations.

White on white

We predict that these works of art will be the main wedding cakes of 2023. A simple white cake is decorated with three-dimensional white elements, and the texture of the cake itself can be different, and three-dimensional details occupy the entire surface or only part of it. Decorate such a cake with flowers, light openwork petals or white feathers.

Or whatever comes to your mind.

wedding cake with gold

Gold decor is not losing ground, but it looks new. A completely golden cake is already bad manners, and light accents are just in fashion. If you don’t like minimalism, then there is a fresh trend for you, which almost no one else had: cakes with golden stucco.It literally looks like stucco on the ceiling, but it's beautiful and impressive.

Cake with big flowers

This cake is decorated with large cream flowers. They look best on a smooth surface:

Cake with jagged edges

A few years ago, desserts with "ruffles" were in fashion: embellishment of the edges, similar to a layered skirt. Wedding cakes 2023 take jagged edges to a new level, now a completely smooth surface is crowned with a hand-torn top. Seeming carelessness is deceptive - to achieve such a result, painstaking work is needed, otherwise the cake will turn out to be sloppy.

Make sure the chosen pastry chef has done something similar before, so as not to get a creepy “expectation-reality” effect.

watercolor cake

Wedding Cake Trends from Celebrating Life Cakes

These cakes appeared a year ago, becoming more elegant over time due to a completely smooth surface. For an experienced pastry chef, making such a cake is not difficult, but requires skill, so, as in the previous version, check that your specialist is already familiar with it. An unusual kind of watercolor is a marble cake or a cake with a marble effect.

Wedding cake 2023 as an art object

So we come to extraordinary cakes - they look like objects of modern art and can surprise even guests for whom your wedding is already the twentieth in a row. The most amazing trend is the cake with succulents. It was invented by a girl from Jakarta, and picked up by the best confectioners in the world.

The cake is covered with edible succulents, made with such care that it is hard to believe that these are not plants pulled out of a pot.

Jasmine Rae from San Francisco brings a new take on minimalism, working with textures and coming up with unique elements that make even the simplest cake stand out.

Whatever wedding cake design you choose, remember that it will be eaten. Do not take anyone's word and personally try the future cake, for this, order a tasting set from the confectioner. Test not only popular fillings (fruit, chocolate), but also experimental ones, sometimes they turn out to be tastier than the classics. Skip the strongest allergens (such as nuts) and plan ahead. Each guest should get a piece of cake, and someone will want to eat a couple.

There are many cake weight calculators on the net, but the calculation of most of them is not justified by anything, so rely on common sense and knowledge of the guests. No online calculator is aware that the best friend has not eaten sweets for two years, Uncle Vasya can be dragged away from the cake only after an hour, and distant relatives will want to take another piece with them.

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