Wedding cake with flowers
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Wedding cake with flowers

Wedding season is upon us, and everyone knows that no wedding is complete without a show-stopping cake. But why settle for a plain old vanilla cake when you can add some floral flair? That's right, we're talking about wedding cakes with flowers!

And we're not just talking about those fake plastic flowers either, we mean real, edible ones. Trust us, it's the perfect way to add some color and personality to your special day. So let's dive in and explore the wonderful world of wedding cakes with flowers.

The wedding evening is coming to an end, fun and romance are in the air, it's time to taste a delicious gift from the newlyweds - a wedding cake. Without a doubt, it should be not only tasty, but also beautiful, reflect the theme of the evening and attract attention. But if you want your dessert to be remembered with all its design and at the same time not be overloaded with unnecessary details, you can decide in favor of a sophisticated and sophisticated wedding cake with flowers.

Features of a cake with flowers

  • Suitable for celebrations in any style;
  • original;
  • Huge selection of colors;
  • Looks impressive.

In order to maintain a unified style of celebration, it is better to use the same flowers for the cake as in the design of the hall.

Design options for a wedding cake with flowers

Natural flowers

Wedding cake with flowers can be decorated with live plants. A dessert consisting of several tiers, decorated with a large peony or ranunculus flower, looks very elegant. For a more expressive picture, you can add a little greenery or berries.

A living decoration can be fixed both at the very top of the dessert, and be located on one of the tiers on the side. A snow-white tall cake with a bright flower will no doubt make a splash.

confectionery flowers

If fresh flowers are not to your liking, then you will definitely like a wedding cake with flowers made from sweet ingredients that are not only pleasant to admire, but also pleasant to eat.

Mastic, from which flowers are most often made, can take on any shape in the hands of a confectioner. A snow-white cake with scarlet roses or bright lilies scattered all over the canvas, complemented by green leaves or a scattering of small pearls. Believe me, this is a real work of art!

And how elegant is the snow-white cake, on which, as if in watercolor, a skilled artist depicted beautiful flowers. How to Put Flowers on a Wedding Cake

From afar, it may seem that the drawing is really made with paints, however, after trying it, the guests will understand that this is a skillful creation of confectioners. The image can be absolutely anything - peonies, poppies, roses or cornflowers, it all depends on your wishes.

Pay attention to the usual wedding cake with cream flowers. They look just as good as the real ones. So, for example, a cake completely filled with cream flowers looks amazing.

It does not need additional decor. Flowers are everywhere - on the side, on top, they fit snugly together, and thanks to the different shades, this cake will  definitely surprise your guests!

A cake decorated with a cascade of flowers can also be called one of the most popular. Buds, petals flow from tier to tier, like a thin stream, creating a real work of art.

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