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wedding calligraphy
Are you feeling inundated with wedding invites all boasting the same old calligraphy fonts? Fear not, there's more to calligraphy than just those meticulously crafted invitations. Wedding calligraphy has never been more popular and we've got ten creative ideas to put those fancy lettering skills to use.

So, put down that pen and paper and let's dive into the world of calligraphy, wedding-style!

Wedding invitations

The obvious choice is calligraphic wedding invitations that set the tone for the entire celebration. You can handwrite each invitation, or choose the economical option and print the main text by handwriting individual lines (names of guests or newlyweds, date, etc.).


Instead of opting for calligraphic invitations, only envelopes can be signed by hand.


If the celebration provides guests with a choice of several dishes, and you want to make a menu, design it using calligraphy. Such a detail immediately raises the level of the wedding and decorates the table.


Celebrating in another country, getting to the wedding venue is not easy, or do you want to create a map so that one more detail contributes to the style of the wedding? You can't do without inscriptions - you can make them using calligraphy, then the card will become interesting and unusual.

Printing set

If your budget allows, design a whole set using calligraphy. As a rule, it includes an invitation, an envelope and additional elements depending on the specific wedding (card, menu, cards with the names of guests). Such a set looks stylish and atmospheric, however, its cost is much higher than the cost of individual items.Many couples find a way out in creating one set for a photo shoot or several for their closest ones, handing out printed materials to the rest of the guests.

wedding vows

The wedding vow is an optional but touching element of the on-site registration. Perhaps these are the most important words that you and your fiancé will say to each other. It's nice if the vows are written by a calligrapher on handmade paper - besides, they can be left as a keepsake even after the celebration.

Guest name cards

Be sure to show the guests who and where is sitting at the festive table, if you don’t want people nearby who can’t stand each other or don’t know what to talk about. Addressing Envelopes for Beginners | Faux Calligraphy, DIY Wedding on a Budget, Stamptitude Wax Seal

Order the creation of cards with names to a calligrapher - such an element will add charm to the table. By the way, paper seating is optional - you can write names by hand on anything.

wedding signs

Put a sign showing how to get to the place of celebration? There are several zones on the territory of the holiday and you want to help guests navigate them? Write text on signs - it's inexpensive and very beautiful.

Just Married inscription

Any inscriptions necessary for the holiday can be made using calligraphy - it looks decent both in life and in photographs.


This year's trend is calligraphy cake. Any text is written on the cake - from the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding to wedding vows.

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