Wedding day — how not to go crazy and have fun
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Wedding day — how not to go crazy and have fun

Getting married is supposed to be the happiest day of your life...right? But let's be real, it can also be one of the most stressful. From choosing the perfect dress to coordinating with vendors, there's a lot that goes into planning your big day. But don't fret!

We've got you covered with some helpful tips and secrets on how to plan your wedding stress-free (okay, maybe with just a little stress, but we'll do our best to minimize it). So sit back, relax, and enjoy this article on how to plan your wedding like a pro.

1. Get enough sleep and skip the early fees

Thank you, you say, but I don’t even guess, of course I’ll get some sleep. The reality is usually this: on the evening before, there are dozens of things to do, and from excitement you think about anything, but not about sleep. There are also overlays - alcohol was stolen from the creators of the blog before the wedding, so the last hours of the day were spent looking for it (do you remember about limiting the sale of alcohol in the evenings?). If things are not very important, put them aside, calm down and go to bed. A sleepy person is fresh and looks good.

A sleepy person wanders in a fog and forgets part of the day, and you definitely want to remember him.

10 Important Things You Will Forget on Your Wedding Day

Getting ready early is another enemy of a good mood on your wedding day. Why get up at 5 in the morning if you usually can’t lift your head from the pillow before 8? Think about contractors - for example, to arrive for makeup by 5, the makeup artist will have to get up at 3-4 in the morning.

2. Have breakfast and don't forget to eat throughout the day

Breakfast will help you think about yourself and your loved one, and not about a banquet that you still have to reach. During a gala dinner, almost no couple of young people manage to eat heartily, but at least something is worth eating. Most importantly, don't forget to try the wedding cake!

You have been choosing it for so long, it must be very tasty. The time for taking out the cake is already less stressful, the guests scatter in different corners, you can exhale and enjoy dessert.

3. Reschedule the morning of the bride

Perfect for hair and makeup rehearsals. You are already at the parade, and there will be many times more time for a calm boudoir photo shoot than on your wedding day. How can you look serene if you twitch that the bride's bouquet should have been brought half an hour ago?

4. Be careful with the duration of the photo walk

Models get tired of a continuous photo shoot, keep this in mind. You absolutely do not need to allocate 3 hours for it, this is too much. The ideal duration of your shooting with the groom: an hour and a half.

You can divide it into two parts, spending one in the morning before the celebration, and the other in the late afternoon. It is quite possible to sneak away from guests for half an hour during a banquet, but you will catch the most beautiful sunset light.

You will be surprised, but the guests also get tired of photographing the young. More precisely, not from the shooting itself, but from idleness. How many weddings where invitees are offered to "walk somewhere for a couple of hours." So crowds of smart and tortured people loiter, not knowing where to put themselves.

Therefore, divide the shooting in half, or at least organize some kind of leisure for the rest so that they don’t go crazy with boredom.

5. Hire a wedding day coordinator

This advice could be put first, it is so important. The wedding coordinator is connected before the celebration and makes sure that everything goes as planned on the X day, and also solves unexpected problems. Do you want to control that the decorators will arrive at the site on time on your holiday?

Or explain the way to a lost leader by phone? Or maybe you want to bring to life the husband of a second cousin who has gone over (and this happens)? You definitely don’t want to, so hire a coordinator for that day, even if you organized everything yourself.

We talk in detail about the differences between a wedding organizer and a coordinator in a separate article.

6. Set aside extra time

Do not schedule closely, plan the day so that in case of overlays there is room for maneuver. For example, you know that with an average traffic load, it takes half an hour to go to the registry office. Set aside 45-50 minutes if you arrive earlier, better get some air and take pictures.

Believe me, it is on this day that roadworks or a hopeless traffic jam will appear on the way.

7. Take extra clothes

Boring, but necessary item with a list. Take with you:

  • Spare shoes for the bride and groom (in case of rubbed feet or rain)
  • A spare shirt for the groom (suddenly something will spill) and a dress for the bride (you can just dress up)
  • Umbrellas for the young

In winter, take your umbrellas out of your bag, but put nice sweaters or coats, hats and mittens in there. In the photo of brides in one dress among the snowdrifts, it’s scary to look at. And if the fact that the bride is cold hides the foundation, then the groom's red nose and his twisted fingers nullify all romance.

8. Prepare the bride's makeup bag

The most important thing is to take extra helpers for a hot summer wedding, we talk about this in a separate article here.

9. Your wedding day, your rules!

Do what pleases you. Do not plan something just because it is necessary and this is a tradition that was at the weddings of everyone you know. For example, many believe that it is imperative to stage a wedding dance with a choreographer.

Don't torture yourself! If you don’t know how to dance very well, and the groom generally panics from one prospect, who needs it? An experienced leader will help organize the moment with the dance in such a way that even without choreography it will be touching. If all your life you have dreamed of registering at the registry office, but exit ceremonies are in fashion, do as you see fit. Do you want the solemn atmosphere of the Wedding Palace?

Who's stopping you!

10. Put your phone away

Take a selfie with your fiancé and give your phone to your friend. Lost guests will call the coordinator (whose number you will give them in advance). Your task is to enjoy the moment offline.

11. Be careful with alcohol

You can drink a glass of champagne for courage, but pouring a bottle into yourself is already too much. Do you want to remember your wedding day?

12. Don't worry about the little things.

Every wedding has a cute feature: something is bound to go wrong. Even if you are a planning genius. Decide in advance that you are enjoying yourself no matter what happens.

This is your wedding day and it only happens once in a lifetime.

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