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white wedding decor

It's time to say "I do" to the color white! No, we're not talking about white lies or white noise... we're talking about white wedding decorations! From the cake to the centerpieces, white exudes elegance and sophistication. Not to mention, it's a timeless color that will never go out of style.

So, if you're ready to impress your guests with a stunning wedding celebration, keep reading to discover how white can take your event to the next level.

White wedding. Decor

The design of a white wedding assumes the presence of a basic white color. It is relevant at any time of the year and will ideally fit into the winter fairy-tale charm or summer juicy greenery. Brides around the world choose this color for their wedding every year!

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Celebration color scheme

White wedding - having heard these words, many of you have imagined an absolutely white hall. However, this is not the case at all. The design of a white wedding, no doubt, implies the presence of a white base color, but it can be complemented by any shades.

Such a move will help highlight the color, making it less intrusive. There should not be many additional shades, they should only gracefully and discreetly complement the overall picture (for example, a white bridal bouquet, or flowers for decorating a hall can be diluted with a pale yellow tint).

  • Gold;
  • Silver;
  • Blue;
  • Lavender;
  • Red;
  • Yellow.

The image of the bride

The decoration of a white wedding simply amazes and delights with its beauty, but the ceremony will not be complete without an elegant and sophisticated image of the bride. The white image is considered classic, so the bride should not have problems choosing an outfit. Based on the theme of the evening, you can choose a dress of any style.Beware of shades of ivory or milky white, against the snow-white background of the hall, such a tone will look dirty.

A bouquet will help complete the look. Luckily, florists will be able to find the perfect white bouquet for you without any hassle.

Hall decoration

Decorating a white wedding is quite a laborious process, but, nevertheless, it is very popular among brides around the world. And no wonder. The beauty and grace that this shade presents cannot be compared with anything else.

Use flowers to decorate the celebration. What is a wedding without them? Arrange them on tables in transparent vases, or make an unusual canopy made entirely of snow-white fragrant buds.

Let the hall just be buried in flowers, and their aroma accompanies you everywhere! For a more original decor, you can use a combination of feathers and flowers.

Whitewashed tree branches are also perfect for decoration. You can arrange them in large vases on the floor or decorate tables with them. Either way, your guests will be delighted. As for table setting, there are no problems.

Classic white plates and starched napkins will fit perfectly into the overall interior.

Guest chairs can be decorated with white satin bows or floral arrangements. You can also put white candles on the tables, they will help you create a romantic atmosphere.

outdoor ceremony

For exit registration it is not necessary to use an abundance of flowers. Make an arch out of a light, airy fabric by decorating it with ribbons or adding a bouquet on each side. Arches completely decorated with flowers are also very popular.

white wedding decoration and invitation

Invitations for a white wedding, as you might have guessed, carry the traditional sophistication and classics of white. A fairly simple background can be played with various decorative elements - ribbons, openwork patterns, lace or calligraphy. The combination of this color with a brighter and more saturated one (for example, gold, silver, purple, red) will give the invitation card more charm, sophistication and make the main color less intrusive.

Depending on the theme of the evening, the text and design of the invitation can vary from strict to mischievous and cheerful. Pay attention to the trend of recent months - calligraphy on light-colored paper.

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