Winter wedding decor
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Winter wedding decor

Winter weddings are a dreamy affair that have the power to create a magical fairytale-like atmosphere. With the glistening snow, cozy fireplaces, and gorgeous winter wonderland decor, it's easy to see why couples opt for this season to tie the knot. And let's not forget the excuse to wear the most stylish faux fur, velvet, and woolen attire! In this article, we'll explore the exquisite design of winter weddings and how to make the most of this romantic season. 

Winter wedding - design ideas

The design of a winter wedding depends on the wishes and preferences of the newlyweds, but nevertheless, it should also reflect the season. Agree, it’s rather strange to get to a holiday in the winter, where everything and everything screams to us about a warm summer, and the bride’s outfit is so light that looking at her guests get cold. Therefore, let's figure out together how to harmoniously organize your wedding celebration so that it makes an indelible impression on them.

Decoration shades

Winter wedding decoration can be done in any shades. So very often couples choose bright combinations, for example, white and red, white and blue. Such shades will allow you to stand out and emphasize the beauty of the bride with bright elements.

  • Blue (all shades of blue);
  • White;
  • Silver;
  • Green;
  • Red.

Feel free to combine several colors (2-3 shades, no more) or choose one, focusing on it. Do not be afraid to experiment, because only in comparison you can find the perfect option for your wedding.

Hall decoration

  • Lights, candles;
  • Beads, scattering of crystals;
  • Natural elements (cones, coniferous branches covered with glitter, elements made of wood).

The design of a winter wedding should not only delight with its beauty, but also warm the hearts of guests. After all, winter is not only cold and cold, it is also a wonderful, childishly happy pre-New Year mood. Candles and garlands are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Put small candlesticks on the tables (they can be of any shape, with live fire or electric), and hang garlands on the walls of the hall (preferably not multi-colored, but for example, with yellow light).

What is winter without needles? Pine needles are a favorite element of decorators, it not only creates a festive atmosphere, but also gives a delicious aroma. Small branches in beautiful vases on the tables will add a New Year's mood to the holiday, and heart-shaped wreaths will decorate the wedding table or guests' chairs.

Also perfect for decoration are various sparkles, crystals. Winter is a time of miracles, everything around glitters and sparkles. So why not reflect this in the design of the festive hall?

And, of course, do not forget about knitted things. After all, winter is the time for warm cozy sweaters and soft yarn. $5 Dollar Tree Winter Wedding Centerpieces | DIY Wedding Centerpieces for CHEAP

Place small balls of colorful yarn in wicker baskets or coasters made of natural wood on tables or in a photo shoot area.

The image of the bride

The design of a winter wedding, colors, decor elements will turn your evening into a real fairy tale, and what a fairy tale without a charming and magical image of the bride. When choosing an outfit, do not forget about warm boots, a fur coat or a warm cape so as not to freeze while walking around the city or taking a photo shoot. The shade of the dress can be any, it all depends on the theme of the celebration.Remember, this evening, the whole world will be captivated by your beauty, all admiring glances will be directed at you!

Winter wedding decorations and invitations

Use a cool color palette (whites, blues, silvers) or the main color of your wedding decor. By complementing the invitation card with the traditional colors of the New Year (red, green), you can also create the impression that not only your wedding is approaching, but also a magical winter holiday. Also, do not forget about the decor elements - snowflakes, deer, knitted motifs and more. It is they who will be able to convey, in combination with the right tone, the idea of ​​​​your holiday.

The text of the invitation can be anything, it all depends on the wishes of the newlyweds. It can be as a traditional text with time and date, or it can be an original invitation in verses of your own composition.

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