Winter wedding gifts
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Winter wedding gifts

Hello winter wedding planners! Are you feeling the chill and wanting to spread some warmth to your guests? Look no further than our gift ideas. From cozy blankets to jars of honey, give the gift of warmth to your loved ones.

Let's dive into some special winter wedding favor options that will make your guests feel the love and appreciation you have for them.

"Live" gift

It will be symbolic to present as a gift a small spruce in a pot, which speaks of the birth of a new family and the new year. Complete the pots with your initials and wedding date, a small wish note, or a twine bow. No guest will remain indifferent to such a gift.


Christmas decorations

By the way, a hand-made Christmas toy can become a decoration of a previous gift or just a nice souvenir. It is not necessary to focus only on glass toys, think wooden, fabric or even edible ones.



Cozy gifts

What is winter without warm, cozy things, such as gloves and mittens, bright scarves and soft blankets. Consider this option as a useful gift for guests. It will not only leave pleasant emotions, but will also serve your guests faithfully in the winter cold.

And you can also add a little romance and prepare a bright scented candle for a warm pastime.


homemade baking

One of the simple but very nice gifts. Delicious, fragrant pastries ... OPENING OUR WEDDING GIFTS!!

Nobody can resist such a gift.

Find grandma's recipes for gingerbread cookies, crumbly muffin, or cute brownies. Let them play with different colors.Wrap them in baking paper and tie with a cute ribbon, or fold them neatly into a box – your guests will love it. 


Winter sweets

The most popular sweets that we are so used to in the cold season can be a great gift for guests. A barrel of honey or a jar of jam is delicious and beautiful. Let the jar be very tiny, but it will become a symbol of your care.

Decorate it in the colors of your wedding, tie a bow - and the next evening tea parties will be held in memories of your celebration.



Get inspired with us, fantasize, and let your gift leave the best moments of the wedding day in the memory of your guests for a long time!

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